Triple H Reveals Plans For Future WarGames Matches

Triple H talks about the WarGames match and its future with the Survivor Series premium live event.
WWE Survivor Series WarGames

Triple H talks about the WarGames match and its future with the Survivor Series premium live event.

This past Saturday Survivor Series was held. The typical Raw vs SmackDown, six on six, tag match was removed. In its place the WarGames match was held. This particular match came from WCW and made a return a few years ago on NXT. It is staggered entrant, five on five, with the team to claim first fall or submission winning the match.

WWE Survivor Series 2022
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This year was the first year to see the match held at Survivor Series.  It has led fans to wonder if the WarGames match will become a permanent match for the Survivor Series PLE and end the tag team match. During the post-Survivor Series press conference Triple H addressed that question.

“I don’t think we’re done with anything,” Triple H said. “I think that when we look at it together as a whole, it’s about what’s best for our fans in the moment. Sometimes stuff needs a break for a while.

I think it was the right year [to change things up]. We all looked at it and decided internally that it was the right year for us to maybe freshen up the concept a little bit, that either the five-on-five tags and maybe even just the straight-out ‘Raw’ versus ‘SmackDown’ was a bit tired and maybe needed a refresh. So that’s what we did.”

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Say Goodbye To A Yearly Tradition

WWE Survivor Series WarGames
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Triple H went on to say he is looking to freshen things up within the company and its old traditions. They will be looking to the fans to see what they react to and what they don’t in order to improve the product WWE puts out for its audience.


According to GiveMeSport via WrestleVotes one of the big changes going into the future is the end of the Hell in a Cell PLE. The match is not ending, but having an annual HIAC match is ending. The PLE was already removed from WWE’s schedule.

Triple H went into why he has decided to remove the HIAC PLE from the schedule.

“I think there’s a lot of feeling that Hell in a Cell [match] is one of those things that is a giant blow-off,” Triple H said. “If you’re calling somebody out at the end of something, you can challenge them to Hell in a Cell. I hear this speculation among fans a lot and [the media] about Money in the Bank, Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber, maybe those things should all go away.

Some of that, I hear. Hell in a Cell, I hear it. I had a highlight of my career in [Mick] Foley and I calling each other out in Hell in a Cell. But then when you get into something, no one’s ever gonna challenge somebody going, ‘That’s it, I’m tired of you. I challenge you to an Elimination Chamber with five other guys.’ It doesn’t work, right? Same thing, ‘That does it, I challenge you to Money in the Bank.’ I feel like there’s a difference there. I feel like we have to re-evaluate all of that. … It’s up in the air, but I think it’s something we think about on a regular basis.” H/T To Bleacher Report For Transcription

First Of Many PLEs To Be Removed Or Changed?

WWE Hell in a Cell Triple H
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This has been something fans have been asking for. A special match type needs to be a special thing and having it the same time every year makes it lose its magic. Challenging someone to a HIAC match was a big deal and it would signify a brutal match watch was coming. It should be held at the end of a feud and not factored into a feud just because it is occurring during the HIAC PLE month.


Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank are different like Triple H said and also Royal Rumble which he didn’t mention. They should stay in the rotation and remain a PLE which fans can look forward to.

WWE Sheamus Hell in a Cell
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However, a match type PLE which Triple H didn’t mention which I think should be removed is TLC aka Tables, Ladders and Chairs. It needs to be something special for Superstars who have a more acrobatic style and like jumping off the things.

Do you think next year Survivor Series should have a WarGames match or should it go back to the tag team style match? Do you agree WWE should get rid of the HIAC PLE?  What about TLC? Should MITB and Elimination Chamber be a yearly PLE or just under special circumstances like when a title is vacated? Are there any match types or tournaments which should be a yearly PLE like King of the Ring perhaps? Leave a comment below and let us know if you think Triple H is trying to change too much, too soon, after taking over.


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