Power Rangers Unlimited: Coinless

Boom! Studios have announced Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless as an upcoming comic to release this year. The latest Power Rangers comic will be a one-shot feature to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise. The latest Power Rangers Unlimited release from the universe comic book line has been teased to include fan-favored villain Lord Drakkon, the iconic Ranger Slayer, and other powerful villains from the Power Rangers series. The new comic returns fans to the world of the Coinless that originally featured in the beloved comic event, Shattered Grid.

The Boom! Studios Power Rangers comics grant fans the ability to return to the story of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which dived back into the story of the original Rangers and expanded their past. Popularity burst for the comic book series with the debut of Lord Drakkon, an alternate version of Tommy Oliver who turned evil and become the greatest threat to the Morphin Grid. The Shattered Grid comic event started in February 2022 and the evil Ranger attempted to conquer the multiverse by defeating and destroying other Rangers from the fractured timeline to enter the Grid. 

The Iconic event led to various comics that continued from the fallout of the Shattered Grid event, including Beyond The Grid and the existence of the Omega Rangers, with Jason, Zack, and Trini. The story arc also introduced an alternate version of many iconic characters including Kimberly Hart as the Ranger Slayer, who was originally placed under an evil spell.

A three-issue mini-series called Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn previously revisited Lord Drakkon and the Ranger Slayer, which followed after the events of Shattered Grid, when Lord Drakkon was thought to be dead. The iconic arc was written by Kyle Higgins and Ryan Parrott, who has since left the Power Rangers comic series. 


Boom! Studios Reveals Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless 

The latest one-shot comic, Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless, has been revealed to be part of the celebration for the 30th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise. The comic will be a 40-page story featuring Lord Drakkon and Ranger Slayer, with the teased inclusion of Empress Vile and Power Ranger In Space’s Dark Spector. The new comic will include the creative team consisting of writer Adam Cesare (Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal), Mighty Morphin artist Moisés Hidalgo (Dark Blood), along with colorist Arthur Hesli (Heavy Metal Magazine), and letterer Ed Dukeshire (Irredeemable). 

Power Rangers Unlimited: Coinless

Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless features a standard cover by Dan Mora (Once & Future), and variant covers by Goñi Montes (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) and Stephanie Hans (Journey into Mystery). The creative team behind the latest release for the Power Rangers comic book series has spoken about their return to the iconic franchise to provide a new story that returns fans to the dimension where Lord Drakkon and Ranger Slayer originate from, The Coinless. 

“I got to work in the world of the Power Rangers once before, a short story way back during Shattered Grid, and I’ve wanted back in ever since. And to get to help tell this story? Drakkon assembling a new team of rangers? And the Coinless world is super messed up so the storytelling’s coloring with shades of George Romero and Mad Max? And Moisés Freakin’ Hidalgo? Come on. This is incredible,”  

Adam Cesare, Writer of Power Rangers Universe: Coinless

“Coming back to work with Power Rangers and Boom! Studios is such a special thing for me. As another Chilean (Pedro Pascal) says ‘This is the way.’ Adam´s scripts are really fantastic, and it’s a joy to draw each page. We are all doing our best work for all fans of the Power Rangers universe,”

Moisés Hidalgo, Artist for Power Rangers Universe: Coinless 

“Bringing back Adam to write this horror-infused Power Rangers one-shot was a no-brainer. Seeing his vision come to life with the incredible art from Moisés is a treat for every Power Rangers fan, and is a story I’m incredibly proud of,”

Editor, Allyson Gronowitz. 

This will be a thrilling chapter in the history of Power Rangers as iconic villains take to the spotlight in this one-shot release. The coinless was an amazing apocalyptic dimension that took Power Rangers to a whole new level, beyond the setting seen in Power Rangers RPM.  Lord Drakkon and the Ranger Slayer remain to be the most iconic originals from the comic book series created by Boom! Studios, and now fans can finally dive back into the dark world once again.  


The Power Rangers Unlimited comic also appears to include other iconic characters and villains that will bring a huge twist to events, including the evil Blue Omega Ranger, and what appears to be alternate versions of Trini, Zack, and Jason with the Ranger Slayer. The use of Dark Specter will also be an iconic addition to the one-shot series, especially since he has been a part of the existence of the Psycho Rangers and the origins of the Ranger Emissaries in Power Rangers Universe. Fans are going to be over-excited to find out what story the team has created, but fans will have the Ranger Academy comic to enjoy while waiting.  

Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless will be a 40-page one-shot comic released from Boom! Studios, which will release in June 2023. An exact date for the release will be announced soon.  

Boom! Studios

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SOURCE: Boom! Studios 


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