Triple H Says Merger Will Have Little Impact On WWE

WWE Triple H

Triple H assures fans that WWE isn’t going anywhere or changing, but Vince McMahon may have other plans. WWE has merged with Endeavor which is the parent company of UFC as of Monday morning.  This is a very turbulent time for WWE as its future could go in many different directions.

However, Triple H opened Monday Night Raw earlier this week and gave his assurances to the WWE Universe that everything is going to be fine.  As Raw opened, Triple H came to the ring and thanked the WWE Universe and the WWE Superstars and crew for a great WrestleMania weekend.

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WWE Triple H
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Triple H then commented briefly on the merger.  He assured the world  “that the same WWE that you know and love is going nowhere” and not to be worried. WWE changing is exactly what everyone is worried about so it was comforting that Triple H says WWE will remain the same.  However, which WWE are we getting?  Will it be Triple H’s WWE or Vince McMahon’s version?

Despite McMahon saying he will no longer be “in the weeds” of the creative process he may have done exactly that.  According to a tweet by Sean Ross Sapp of he made a lot of last minute changes to Raw. Sapp reported, “Vince McMahon was changing lots of things and in Gorilla at Raw. It caused a big hit to WWE morale.”

WWE Triple H and Vince McMahon
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This statement was backed up by PWInsider who reported, “Vince McMahon was personally and heavily involved with last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw.”  It sure seems like he is getting back into the weeds to me.  

The departure and retirement of McMahon back in July breathed new life into the television product.  The entire wrestling fanbase was optimistic to see what Triple H could do.  This included WWE Superstars who Triple H brought back to WWE.  McMahon’s unretirement and involvement at this week’s Raw killed that optimism for everyone around.

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According to another tweet by Sapp, one of the big changes to the show was a series of Triple-Threat matches to determine the number one contender to Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship. Sapp also noted, “Originally tonight was supposed to feature a couple of Triple-Threat matches that would serve as a tournament for a Raw Women’s Title shot.” He continued, “They were scrapped very late in favor of the tag title contender match.”

There were supposed to be two Triple-Threat matches.  The first would have seen  Liv Morgan vs. Dakota Kai vs. Piper Niven.  The second was planned on being Candice LeRae vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. IYO SKY.  Whoever the two women were who won these matches would face off to have a shot at Belair’s championship or perhaps another Triple-Threat match with Belair.

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However, thanks to McMahon, those plans were cut.  The new plan became Morgan and Rodriguez vs. SKY and Kai to determine the number one contender for the Women’s Tag Championships.  Morgan and Rodriguez won the match and will face Becky Lynch and Lita for their tag championships on next week’s show. This is despite the fact that the team of Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey won a Fatal 4-Way women’s tag team match the night before at WrestleMania 39.

According to PWInsider these changes to the schedule happened throughout the night and started just 15 minutes before Raw. The report noted as follows:

“About 15-20 minutes before Raw went live on the air, a number of late rewrites for the episode were ordered, described as not ‘feeling’ like the type of changes talents and staff had come to expect under Paul Levesque [Triple H],” PWInsider said. “Changes for the episode continued as the show well into being on the air and we are told they came directly from McMahon, who had his own office at Raw, just as he did before his “retirement” in the summer of 2022.”  

WWE Vince McMahon
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This merger is off to a pretty bad start.  The wrestling world was pretty excited to see McMahon retire and scared to see him return to the fold in WWE.  Part of the merger was making sure McMahon stuck around so he would stay involved in the WWE side of the merger.  Staying out of the creative side didn’t even last a full day.

Do you think Triple H knew McMahon was planning on making a bunch of changes to Raw?  Does McMahon returning to the creative side terrify you?  Do you think McMahon rewriting shows will be a common occurrence?  Since McMahon broke his promise do you think Endeavor will break theirs and get involved in the WWE side of the merger?  Let us know if you think WWE Superstars will start asking for their release since McMahon is back.

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