New 47th Sentai KingOhger Spider Kumonos Figures and Details Revealed In All Their Glory

KingOhger figures for Spider Kumonos & DX Roleplay line are fully revealed. Details of the Additional Ranger suggest traits, characteristics, and possible episode debut.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger figure for Spider Kumonos has been revealed, with the White Additional Ranger appearing in the 47th Sentai series soon. The Action Hero toy line and Vinyl toy line will include the latest addition to the series and the latest releases have suggested the possible episode debut for the new character. Details of the White Ranger have slowly been pouring through on social media and hint at the Ranger’s abilities and role within the Kingdoms of Chikyu. Here are the recent reveals of the “6th Ranger” and the upcoming figure to release.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger currently consists of 5 Rangers in the series, with OhKuwagata Ohger as the recent Extra Ranger who acts as a rival to Kuwagata Ohger. The five Kingdoms of Chikyu have included the industrial kingdom of Shugoddam, the technological Kingdom of N’kosopa, the Health and Beauty Kingdom of Ishabana, the agricultural kingdom of Tofu, and the Icy land of law, Gokkan. Each Ranger has originated in one of these lands, with characteristics and skills linked to the proficiency of each location.  

Action Hero Figure and Details of Spider Kumonos 

The figure of Spider Kumonos has recently been revealed as an upcoming release for the Action Hero line. The figure will also feature his Kumono Slayer and Venmix Shooter as part of the set, which has recently been revealed for the DX toy lines. A Vinyl figure for the Ranger will also be available for the White Ranger in the Sentai Hero series. The figures from both lines and the roleplay items in the Deluxe line for the new Ranger will all be released on the same day. 


Details for the Ranger have already been revealed including the origin of his name, which blends a mixture of words to create a suggestive profile of the upcoming character. This includes the words for spy, dark, and Spider Web (Kumo No Su), which might be linked to the traits and characteristics of the character who has yet to be revealed. It hasn’t been confirmed whether the new Ranger is from a new country or a currently known land, however, the Changer belonging to the new Ranger has been teased history that predates the Ohger Calibur. 

The release date for all revealed items correlates with rumors that the Ranger will debut in Episode 12 of KingOhger since all recent reveals will be available the day before the episode airdate. These figures will be a key addition to fans who have collected the other Rangers so far, but also for those who love the Ranger’s design. It will be exciting to find out the actor who will portray the new additional Ranger and the background of the revealed character. News regarding his Tarantula ShuGod and the associated toy will also likely surface as their debut draws closer. 

Upcoming DX Kumono Slater and DX Venmix Shooter 

The official images for the Changer and personal weapon of Spider Kumonos have been revealed as pre-orders start in Japan. It reveals that the DX Kumonos Slayer will also include a Key Holder, which can be attached to the King’s Hotline instead of the Ohger Calibur sheath. The keys that accompany the Kumono Slayer and Venmix Shooter have been adapted from the Gokaiger key designs and will unlock the Ranger form, Spider Web attacks from a Tarantula key, and Venom attacks when used. A full set including both deluxe weapons will also be available for fans to obtain. 


The method to summon the Tarantula ShuGod has yet to be revealed but it appears the key that can fire spider web attacks is linked to the Ranger’s partner. It will be awesome to obtain these latest releases before the Ranger’s debut as expected in episode 12, especially to see these new weapons in action. The dagger is a perfect choice against the Ohger Calibur used by the other Rangers and it will be exciting to see the new Ranger use these weapons in the series.  

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger Spider Kumonos figures for the Action Hero line and Vinyl line, plus Deluxe Roleplay toys will be released on May 20. The debut episode of the White Additional Ranger is expected to be Episode 12, which will air in Japan on May 21, 2023. More announcements are expected to follow closer to the date, including casting and Tarantula ShuGod with Robo mode. 

What do you think of the latest releases for Spider Kumonos? Are you excited about the upcoming Additional Ranger for KingOhger? Will you be adding these figures to your Sentai collection? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news.  

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