King-Ohger: Leaked Images Reveal Gold Mode & Caucasus Kabuto Robo For The 47th Sentai Series

The 47th Super Sentai Series Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger continues to have more news trickle out with the recent photo leak of upcoming mecha and power-up items. 

The 47th Super Sentai Series Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger continues to have more news trickle out with the recent photo leak of upcoming mecha and power-up items. 

Previously reported on by The Illuminerdi were the listings for the 3rd quarter releases as posed by Dukemon on RangerBoard but thanks to an unknown Japanese retail or internal source there are now pictures of these upcoming toys. 

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First up is the DX Spear Power-Up Weapon. As described in the initial info leak this item will be two pieces that combine for the transformation into the new form for KuwagataOhger. 

The picture shows the crown item that attaches to the spear below and appears to have some sort of sound related to the 20 ShuGod mecha pieces. While the photo isn’t the clearest text does mention that this item will also be able to be used by the most recent Ranger introduction to the show, OhKuwagataOhger. That means the rivalry between brothers continues even as they grow stronger. 

Using this form unlocks a new Gold King-Ohger form for either brother that gives the team this missing metallic color often seen on Sentai teams. Since Red and Silver’s suits are already so similar besides the main color so it’s currently unknown how much difference, if any, there will be to the power-up suit depending on who is using it. 

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Of course, what is a new form without new action figures? The power-up will be getting the typical Sentai figure treatment with a release in both the Change Hero action figure and sofubi figure toylines. 


As many expected, and as mentioned before in the leaked info, the Caucasus Kabuto Castle will become the next mecha release. This will follow the path of previous team bases that became mecha such as the Deka Base from Dekaranger or Orion Battler from Kyuranger. 

Looks-wise this black and gold mecha resembles GoseiUltimate from Goseiger with its gold chest design and it can already be imagined how well this new robot will go with currently released ShuGods.

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KingOhger Castle megazord

This picture leaks just as fans are getting their first official looks at the 6th Ranger for King-Ohger: Spider Kumonos. His Mecha, which hasn’t been seen clearly just yet, will be able to combine with the 13-piece Legend King-Ohger and this Kabuto Castle to form an ultimate 20-piece combo. A photo of this combination, which doesn’t currently have a name, also leaked.

King-Ohger Megazord

All of these upcoming toys should be released around September of 2023 so it will still be a while until they appear in the show. By that point it’s unknown how much of a rival OhKuwagata Ohger will be or how Spider Kumonos’ dynamic with the rest of the team will be, there’s a lot of show left.

What do you think of the new toys for KingOhger? Are you excited to see this new form on screen? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai content. We’re always watching.

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