KingOhger Reveal Venomous Spider Kumonos Cast and Character

The latest cast member for KingOhger has been revealed. The new character coming soon will be able to transform into Spider Kumonos in an upcoming episode.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger has revealed the casting for the Additional White Ranger that will appear in upcoming episodes, along with details revealing the Character. The 47th Super Sentai series has announced when the 6th Ranger will be joining the other 5 Kings as has teased his debut with interesting facts and questions regarding his origins. The reveal of the new cast member joining the insect-themed Ranger series has made his social media debut in anticipation of his arrival occurring this May.

Like many Additional Rangers, Spider Kumonos will include his array of unique weapons and abilities that differ from the main 5. He has already been revealed to be a Tarantula Ranger that will use a transformation dagger known as the Kumonos Slayer. In addition to this, he will also use keys as part of his unique gimmick that can unlock webbing and venom attacks, along with a Venomix Shooter that has a shake-spray gimmick. The toys and figures associated with the Ranger have already been revealed but greater mystery has been added by teased details, with his personal ShuGod coming soon.

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Meet KingOhger Spider Kumonos – Jeremy Brasieri 

Spider Kumonos has been revealed to be Jeremy Brasieri, who will be played by Masashi Ikeda and will be starring alongside his fellow KingOhger cast members in episodes airing this May. The Additional Ranger has been revealed to be a descendant of the 6th Hero from 2000 years and a storyteller that dislikes conflict. He has also been revealed to be the narrator that tells of the Legend of King-Ohger during the first episode. He is also described as difficult to communicate with due to his ‘storytelling’ personality causing misinterpretations and telling Gira and the others to “read between the line” while being neutral to the fight between humans and the Bugnarak. 

A lot of mysterious details regarding the character have been teased regarding his role in the series, including his allegiance due to his neutral position in the conflict. Facts about his age and his ShuGod have yet to be revealed and may be older than he appears. This includes him being described as a key character and his arsenal including his Venomix Key for Venom attacks and a Shugod key that shoots Web attacks he can manipulate, suggesting he may be able to transform into the Tarantula ShuGod when inserted into his Kumonos Slayer. 

Keys for Spider Kumonos: Kumonos Key, ShuGod Key, Venomix Key.

Masashi Ikeda spoke about his take on the character and how he plans to portray the new Ranger in upcoming KingOhger episodes. 

“Jeramie is a storyteller, so I think he loves to talk and joke around. But there is cuteness and innocence in that. And he is a pacifist character who dislikes conflict. Jeramie is a person who is very relaxed and enjoys talking with people, so I want to always show that kind of charm. And the clothes are cool too! When you wear this costume, the switch is turned on and the tension rises. 

I’ve always liked white, and I often wear it in my personal clothes, so I’m personally happy to be able to wear it. I wear it every day thinking, “I have the chance to wear such a princely costume in my life!” ”

– Masashi Ikeda 

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Ikeda has already created a huge amount of anticipation for his arrival in KingOhger, and it will be fantastic to see all 6 Kings united. The teased details regarding his origins and place in the fight will keep fans eagerly awaiting confirmation as each episode air. He may become a Shugod considering his mysterious origins and toy that has yet to be revealed officially, but fans have already seen only the Tarantula and two weapon-class Shugods remain until the castle awakens with the power-up mode debut.  


The new Ranger will likely create a bigger disturbance in the conflict that includes the Gira and the four Kings, the Bugnarak, and the evil leader of Shugoddam, King Racules Hastie. It will be amazing to see his first transformation sequence as he becomes Spider Kumonos and to learn about other stories this ‘storyteller’ might know. Ikeda will become a fantastic addition to KingOhger and has also shared his excitement about joining the cast.  

“When I heard that I had passed the exam, I was more like, “I’m happy!” or “I was surprised!” As time went by, I started to feel it gradually…I was finally filled with excitement and anticipation. When I was little, I was a big fan of Kamen Rider 555 (Faiz) (2003-2004). I liked it so much that he even got all the transformation belts. As for the Super Sentai series, I saw “Avataro Sentai DonBrothers” (2022-2023) and went to see the hero show! 

At that time, everyone’s appearance as a hero was really wonderful, and I remember feeling the responsibility of “I’m going to be this kind of hero…”. And since we’re in the same agency, Kohaku Shida (Haruka Kito/Oni Sister), who appeared in “DonBrothers”, told me stories and helped me practice my lines. It was a lot of fun practicing together and I learned a lot.” 

“All of them are friendly and really kind. I was a little worried about joining midway through, but I’m really happy that everyone talked to me and made friends with me. I hope that we can continue to deepen our friendship.”

– Masashi Ikeda 

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger will debut Masashi Ikeda as Jeremy Brasieri/ Spider Kumonos in Episode 11. This episode will premiere on May 14, with episode 10 debuting the Legend King-Ohger formation on May 7. All roleplay toys and figures revealed will be released on May 20.  

Are you excited about Masashi Ikeda’s episode debut as Jeremy Brasieri? Is Spider Kumonos your new favorite in KingOhger? What do you think will be revealed in upcoming episodes for his new character? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuiminerdi for more Super Sentai news.  

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