KingOhger Premium Bandai Reveal Awesome DX OhgerCalibur Zero

The DX OhgerCalibur Zero has been revealed as an upcoming release from the Premium Bandai line-up. The KingOhger Changer belongs to OhKuwagata Ohger, the Extra Ranger that wields the incredible Gold Sword coming soon to the Role-play line.

Bandai has revealed Ohsama Sentai KingOhger DX OhgerCalibur ZERO as part of the Premium Bandai toy line-up. The main Changer for OhKuwagata Ohger has been revealed to be an upcoming release for the Silver Stag Ranger, King Racules Hastie, who recently featured in Episode 8 of the 47th Sentai series and his spin-off special. The Deluxe release of the gold variant was revealed on social media, with highlighted features that differ from the main Changer of the other 5 Kings. 

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Super Sentai has gradually increased the number of Rangers that a series has that goes beyond the fully formed team of 6. Extra Rangers and Dark Rangers have been significant additions to many series, including the iconic Black Knight from Gingaman and the recent StaCeaser in Zenkaiger. King Racules Hastie is the latest warrior added to the ranks of Extra Rangers, who will also act as a rival against the main team for KingOhger. His partner is a ShuGod called God Kuwagata Zero 

KingOhger DX OhgerCalibur Zero Revealed from Premium Bandai 

The main changer for KingOhger’s extra Ranger, OhKuwagata Ohger, will be released as part of the deluxe role-play line as a Premium Bandai exclusive. The DX OhgerCalibur Zero will feature a gold and black color scheme unique to the weapon and exclusive sound and light effects as seen in the series. The functions include pulling the gold horn trigger for standby activation with rainbow-emitted light, again for a red emitted light and transformation into OhKuwagata Ohger sound effects, the Ohger Finisher, summoning multiple ShuGods, and combination sounds for King-Ohger Zero. 

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The reveal also suggests that Premium Bandai may also be releasing King-Ohger Zero as an upcoming toy. This includes the gold and black versions of the other 9 ShuGods and God Kuwaga Zero. The formation featured in the recently released spin-off, Secrets of King Racules, which recently debuted on YouTube. The DX OhgerCalibur Zero has been revealed to measure approximately 520mm in total length and will feature the sound effects linked to the Robo featured in the Spin-Off. 

This is a magnificent design that deserved to be released as part of the deluxe line. The extra Ranger has already left his mark on the series as King Racules twists the opinion of his people in his favor, while on the path to total dominance. The deluxe toy releases will be fantastic to add to any collection alongside the DX OhgerCalibur but the King-Ohger Zero Robo will be an epic follow-up. Fans will likely desire a Memorial Edition release in the future as the sword has a beautiful yet menacing design. 

The KingOhger DX OhgerCalibur Zero will be released in September 2023, with pre-orders available until June 12 via Premium Bandai Japan. The release of the King-Ohger Zero Robo has yet to be revealed, with more announcements to follow. 

What do you think of the KingOhger DX OhgerCalibur Zero? Are you a fan of OhKuwagata Ohger? Do you wish to add King-Ohger Zero to your Robo collection? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai.

Source: Bandai

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