Incredible KingOhger 14-Shugod Combination Robo Revealed

The glorious KingOhger 14-Shugod Combination has been revealed on social media.

KingOhger toys have revealed the 14-Shugod formation that combines the Legend King-Ohger formation with the Tarantula Knight Robo. This includes the first look at the formation as the toy, confirming how the 14 Shugods combine, and the name of the Robo in the formation. The Robo will merge all 6 Kings for the configuration and will include the 6 Shugod Partners, the 4 Shugods that help for King-Ohger, and the three treasures of Chikyu. Images of the combination also confirm the theories regarding the parts seen on God Tarantula that fans have noticed for the formation. 

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger recently debuted the God Tarantula in episode 12 of the 47th Super Sentai series, with his Robo form revealed in Episode 15. His debut added to the mystery of the 6th King, Spider Kumonos, who was revealed to be the son of a Bugnarak and the first 6th King that was removed from history. Along with the Tarantula Shugod, two more Guardian Shugods that form weapons also debuted including Guardian Pede and Guardian Cicada. Bandai Mania recently shared the deluxe version of the new Shugods for the toy line, which revealed how the Shugods combine as seen in the series. 

It’s Time For Your Advent, Extreme KingOhger 

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The 14-Shugod combination that merges the Legend KingOhger with the God Tarantula was revealed to be called Extreme KingOhger. The formation combines the Tarantula Shugod to the back of the Legendary formation, with the gold crown seen on the abdomen of the Spider added to the head. Rangerboard shared the image of the toy that combines all 14 Shugods and also reveals that the Sword is still present but attached to the back of the Robo. The details for the legs of God Tarantula also suggest cannon are present above the head, suggesting what the formation could do in battle. 

Amazingly, the designers have managed such a large combination without throwing off the overall balance of the form. Although most of the new addition is hidden in the back, the cannon-like details could likely shoot webbing for the formation. The crown is the first element of Tarantula Knight that everyone expected to be attached for the head, but it works perfectly with the color scheme of the Scorpion, Kabuto Beetle, and Grasshopper Shugods.  

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It’s hard to imagine what the next formation could look like as the only remaining giant will involve 22 Shugods when the last two additions are introduced. The 20 Shugod combinations will include all 20 Shugods revealed so far that are in the Deluxe line and will also include the upcoming release of the Caucasus Kabuto Castle and Golden Caucasus Shugod. This means that the last formation will also include all weapon-class Shugods, which consist of the Pillbug, Snail, Cicada, and Centipede Shugods. It will be incredible to see the full images of the final Shugods that will be released as part of the 3rd Quarter schedule. 

KingOhger DX Tarantula Knight will be released on June 17, 2023, along with DX Guadian Pede and DX Guardian Cicada. The DX Tarantula Knight set will also be available and will include all three Shugods.  

What do you think of the Extreme KingOhger? Is this your favorite large formation Robo in the Super Sentai franchise? Are you looking forward to the last Shugods to debut in Ohsama Sentai KingOhger? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news.  


Source: Rangerboard, Bandai Mania 


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