KingOhger: Spider Kumonos’ Tarantula Shugod & Others Revealed

The DX God Tarantula and two upcoming Shugods are revealed, with a Robo mode for the latest addition.

KingOhger Tarantula Shugod belonging to Spider Kumonos has finally been revealed, alongside the Centipede and Cicada Shugods. With the release of the DX Kumonos Slayer and VenoMix Shooter set, fans of the new additional Ranger will have seen the upcoming debut of the three new additions, along with the Robo form that the Tarantula can change into. Images for the full look at the upcoming DX toy line have also been revealed, including the head of the Robo, its features, and design elements that could be used for the next giant combination. 

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger currently features 5 Kings that use the Ohger Calibur to fight against the Bugnarak, with King Racules using the Ohger Calibur Zero to become OhKuwagata Ohger. Episode 12 will debut the 6th King of the series, who is revealed to be a storyteller named Jeremy Brasieri, who is played by Masashi Ikeda. The new character debuted in Episode 11 but his Ranger form was saved for the next installment of the series, with his transformation sequence highlighted for his grand entrance as a proclaimed King. 

KingOhger: Tarantula Shugod & Final Weapon Shugods Revealed 

The KingOhger DX God Tarantula will be the partner Shugod to the 6th King, Spider Kumonos. The Shugod can be summoned when using the white Kumonos Key in the VenoMix Shooter and will be able to form their own Robo, TarantulaKnight. The Robo will also feature a goggle-on function and a cannon called the Tarantula Buster. The DX Guardian Cicada and DX Guardian Pede will be able to combine with the TarantulaKnight, which grants a chainsaw and twin blades as weapons.  

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Some details of the new Tarantula Shugod also reveal possible additions that will transfer over to bigger formations with Legend King-Ohger, including the rumored 14-Shugod combination. This includes a crown embedded in the abdomen of the Spider, which can be seen clearly in the Tarantula Buster image. All 8 legs are also perfectly arranged to create this incredibly balanced Mecha, including one of the legs merging with the Robo’s legs. The details on the Robo head are so magnificent, suggesting they may be great tacticians and even Night-time combatants.

This is one of the best-looking Robo forms that has been released in the Super Sentai franchise for the best decade. The head of TarantulaKnight is the best design ever as it looks like a true mecha, which fans will love. The formation is also fantastically balanced in both forms, with a white and black color scheme that is enhanced by the Gold detailing. The pink and cyan colors on two of the feet were likely made to match God Hopper and God Scorpion, as they have the same unique colors as minor details.  

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It’s fantastic that we finally get to see the final two Weapon-class Shugods and already the Centipede is an instant favorite. The Chainsaw form is perfectly captured, and the twin blade of the Cicada looks perfect for combat. Seeing them combined with TarantulaKnight enhances the design of the Robo even more, showcasing that this Sentai Mecha is one of the greatest designs in the history of the franchise. It will be exciting to see the Robo in action in the series, but also to see the two combinations coming soon that go beyond the 13-Shugod formation, Legend KingOhger.   

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger DX God Tarantula, DX Guardian Cicada, and DX Guardian Pede will be released on June 17. A set including all three Shugods for the Deluxe line will also be released, with the latest additions able to combine with previous releases from the line. 

These will be the latest additions to the DX Shugod line before the release of the Power-Up mode for KuwagataOhger. The Caucasus Kabuto Castle was previously leaked as the upcoming 3rd Quarter release, which will allow all 18 known Shugods to combine with the Castle and a new gold Shugod.

What do you think of the God Tarantula? Are you excited to see the debut of the new KingOhger Shugods? Is TarantulaKnight your favorite Sentai Robo design? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news. 

SOURCE: Superherotoku, TokuRed

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