KingOhger: The 47th Sentai’s Summer Movie Reveals Momentous Story with Gira’s Throne Ascension

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger: Adventure Heaven takes all 6 Kings into the Land of the Dead for the summer movie installment.

KingOhger’s summer movie will feature Kuwagata Ohger becoming the King of Shugoddam but not before he meets the very first. Ohsama Sentai KingOhger: Adventure Heaven is the upcoming release from Toei for the 47th Sentai series that features alongside the summer movie for Kamen Rider Geats. The full synopsis and cast have been revealed for the unique installment, which follows the events of the TV series. The Kings must unite as the grand coronation ceremony is interrupted by a journey into the land of the dead.  

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger started with an evil King on the throne of Shugoddam as the prophesied attack from the Bugnarak began. After Gira took the Ohger Calibur from him and became Kuwagata Ohger, he eventually learned he was a long-lost Prince of Shugoddam and King Racules’ brother. As King Hastie continued to act against the other nations, Gira helped unite them until they finally took back control. Very little has been revealed about why Gira was taken away from his home and very few memories remain of his past. 

KingOhger Summer Movie Features a Complicated Ascension  

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Ohsama Sentai KingOhger: Adventure Heaven features the coronation ceremony for Gira at the Caucasus Kabuto Castle in Shugoddam. As Kuwagata Ohger, the prince is returned to his rightful place in the palace and is joined by the Kings of the other countries including Yanma, Himeno, Rita, and Kaguragi. However, the ceremony is interrupted as a guide to the land of the dead appears. 

The Kings, along with Jerami, find themselves meeting the first Kings of the countries they now govern and must find a way back to the land of the living. The guide reveals new lore to the series as she proclaims that when a new king was to ascend to the throne, the King must meet his ancestor. This will also reveal the true history of Shugoddam as the team encounters the first King of Shugoddam and even the first King of Tofu. The young Kings will also encounter numerous trials as they are attacked during their journey. 

During Gila’s inauguration ceremony and coronation ceremony, Devonica, a guide to the Land of the Dead – Hākabāka, appeared. According to her, when King Shugoddam ascends to the throne, they must go to see their ancestors. Thus, Gira’s Haruka Kabaka adventure suddenly begins! What awaits them is Rainiol, the first king of Shugoddam, who governs Hākabāka. The battle for the throne between the “first king” who once saved Chikyu and the “new king” begins now! 

Movie Synopsis

New Cast Featured in the Movie 

Three new cast members feature in the summer movie for KingOhger, which include Shido Nakamura (Men’s Yamato / YAMATO, Blood of the Wolf) as first King Reinior, Ayane Sakura (My Hero Academia, The Quintessential Quintuplets) as guide Devonica, and Akiko Hinagata () as former Queen of Tofu, Iroki. The role of first king of Shugoddam, Reinior, is also the King of the country of death, who will be played in the movie by Nakamura, who is a kabuki actor and active as an actor and voice actor. 

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Ayane Sakura is a popular voice actor who will be portraying Devonica, the guide to the Land of the Dead. She will be portraying the live-action character for the KingOhger summer movie but has stated that during the role she found there were things she didn’t get used to in live-action work. Hinagata will portray the former Queen of Tofu, Iroki in the movie as it debuts the royal palace of Tofu, Hachioji. 

“He is a dignified existence as the first king of Shugoddam, and the visual is similar to Kabuki. I felt that there was something in common, so I was particular about the details.”

Shido Nakamura speaking about King Reinior

“As a guide to the world of death, the land of the dead, which I was afraid of when I was a child, I stood still at the unfamiliar shooting site, fought, and cried. Please enjoy the relationship between Devonica and the King.”

Ayane Sakura speaking about portraying Devonica

The summer movie will be released after the 21st episode of the TV series, suggesting that the installment takes place between the released episodes. Although this has yet to be confirmed, it would fit in with the recent events in the series. King Reinior looks perfectly menacing with a Dynasty Warriors vibe, so it will be great to see Nakamura in action. Very little is shown but the installment promises a momentous event for the story, including the first King appearing to wield the Ohger Calibur Zero. It will be exciting to see what is unveiled and how it may affect the story as the series progresses.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger: Adventure Heaven will be released in Japan on July 28, 2023. The theatrical release will include both the summer movie for the 27th Sentai series and the movie for Kamen Rider Geats. The release of the DVD and Blu-Ray has yet to be announced.

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