KingOhger: Leaked Toy Images Reveal 47th Sentai’s Final Robo And Formation

KingOhger images leaked for the upcoming toys as the King Caucasus Kabuto is revealed, with a better look at the 20-Shugod combination.

KingOhger leaked images revealing the final Robo and the 20-Shugod final formation for the 47th Sentai series. These include the final additions to the Shugod lineup, which includes the Caucasus Kabuto Castle and a golden Shugod as seen in past leaks. The image grants a better look at both Robo although they still obscure a full look due to the quality of the image. A better idea of how the 20 Shugods combine is seen in the image, showing how much the formation deviates from the Extreme KingOhger.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is the name of the team recently proclaimed in episode 19 of the 47th Sentai series. The Rangers revealed their name to be in honor of their Guardian Deity, KingOhger, which is a Robo formed of 10 Shugods. These 10 Shugods include the 5 partners that each King pilots but more join the team as the series progressed, including weapon-class additions and the 4 treasures of Chikyu consisting of God Kabuto, God Scorpion, God Hopper, and God Tarantulas.

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Images leaked of the castle seen in Shugoddam will also join the lineup as a Shugod, with a golden beetle forming a weapon for the Robo mode. The super mode was also leaked before the power-up debuted in a recent episode of the series. The Founder’s Crown and Ohger Crown Lance allowed for Kuwagata Ohger to gain golden armor as King Kuwagata Ohger, which allowed the activation of the 14-Shugod formation, Extreme KingOhger. The new weapon was also revealed to be linked to the new upcoming releases, including the 20-Shugod formation coming soon.

KingOhger Ieaked Images reveal King Caucasus Kabuto and God KingOhger 

KingOhger images of the upcoming Robo were leaked for the toy line on social media as Caucasus Kabuto Castle will form a new Robo in the 47th Sentai series. The King Caucasus Kabuto will consist of Shugoddam’s Castle and a golden Beetle Shugod, which forms an axe for the Robo. The image also reveals a better look at the 20-Shugod formation combining all releases into one Robo, which is revealed to be called God KingOhger. The image also reveals that the Extreme KingOhger will be the base for the formation as the components from King Caucasus Kabuto are added for the formation.

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Although every Shugod can’t be seen in the image, it appears that the Caucasus Kabuto Castle will add parts to the shoulders and the chest of the Extreme KingOhger formation. The formation will include all the Shugods revealed and the two new additions to the lineup, excluding the God Kuwagata Zero and Shugods that form the KingOhger Zero. The release date regarding the Zords has yet to be confirmed by the 20-Shugod formation is rumored to appear in an episode during October.

The formation looks amazing and, surprisingly, the base for the formation is still Extreme KingOhger, instead of the Shugods housed in the Castle for the combination. Likely, the Castle will also form parts below the feet along with the additions on the shoulders and body. It will be exciting to finally see the full form of God KingOhger, along with how the Caucasus Kabuto Castle forms the Robo and splits for the final formation. The toy images are likely to appear for the formation before the debut, but it will be interesting to see what abilities each Robo will have.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger will release Caucasus Kabuto Castle as part of the 3rd Quarter catalog of release. This will include the tank-like Shugod and the golden beetle Shugod that forms an axe for the Robo. The debut of the King Caucasus Kabuto has yet to be revealed for the 47th Sentai series.


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