The Massive-Verse Partners with Solis Game Studios to Bring Image Comics’ Most Exciting Superheroes to Card Battler in 2024!

The Massive-Verse will partner with Solis Game Studios to bring life to our Massive heroes (and villains) in card game form.

The Massive-Verse is one of the most exciting things to happen in Ameritoku in the last few years. Now, Image Comics’ millennial-focussed universe will partner with Solis Game Studios to bring life to our Massive heroes (and villains) in card game form.

Established in 1992, Image Comics quickly made waves in the comic book industry by adopting a unique approach, placing a strong emphasis on creator-owned and driven properties. This bold strategy catapulted them to become the third largest publisher in the field. Over the span of three decades, Image Comics has collaborated closely with creators, providing them with unparalleled opportunities to promote and develop groundbreaking titles that might not have found a home elsewhere. This fruitful partnership gave birth to a plethora of beloved fan-favorites, including Spawn, Savage Dragon, Kick-Ass, Witchblade, The Walking Dead, and Invincible.

In February 2021, the renowned comic series writer Kyle Higgins (known by tokusatsu fans for his work on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Ultraman, but more generally for his work on Nightwing and Batman Beyond) joined forces with Image Comics and artist Marcelo Costa to embark on a thrilling new venture called Radiant Black. This exciting series boasted a strong millennial character-driven focus and drew inspiration from various tokusatsu media, giving strong representation to those of us over 30 who still dream of being the heroes of our childhoods.

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Under his company Black Market Narrative, Kyle Higgins assembled a team of talented writers, including Melissa Flores, Mat Groom, and Ryan Parrott, along with artists French Carlomagno, Erica D’Urso, and Abel, to craft captivating stories that would coexist within the realm of Radiant Black. This initiative was dubbed The Massive-Verse and comprised a compelling first wave of ongoing titles like The Dead Lucky, Inferno Girl Red, and Rogue Sun. True to its innovative spirit, The Massive-Verse explored storytelling not only through traditional comics but also through podcasts, animated shorts, soundtracks, and various other media formats, expanding the boundaries of the comic book universe.

Its this expansion into the multi-media universe that makes the impending card game so exciting. We’ve seen how well The Massive-Verse can do varying media formats, and so we have no doubt that the game will be a fitting entry into the universe.

The card game promises an exhilarating experience with individual character decks dedicated to each of the four lead heroes, alongside character decks for their formidable rivals – <001>, Cataclysm, The Griffin, and Pyre. This opens up the opportunity for fast-paced and thrilling battles, allowing players to pit heroes against villains, heroes against heroes, or even villains against villains.


Moreover, the game introduces a unique feature enabled by the universal compatibility of the Pocket Paragons systems. Players will have the chance to match-up Massive-Verse characters with characters from other Pocket Paragons sets. This includes iconic figures inspired by popular video games like Aegis, as well as characters from Penny Arcade’s celebrated Acquisitions Inc. series. The seamless integration of these diverse universes promises endless possibilities for engaging and epic showdowns on the game board.

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Unlike so many other media tie-ins we’ve seen in the past, the card game fits perfectly into the multi-faceted mission statement of The Massive-Verse. Kyle Higgins himself has said:

“One of the things we pride ourselves on with the Massive-Verse is trying to find new, immersive ways to tell stories with our characters beyond our comics, but always in the spirit of what made us fall in love with superheroes in the first place. After talking with the team at Solis, we were incredibly impressed by how their game designers understood our characters and translated that into game mechanics – this isn’t a generic game with our brands slapped on top, this is a system that lets you play out the unique struggles and triumphs of our characters.”

The project launches on Kickstarter later this year, before meeting a general retail release in summer 2024.

Are you a card game fan, excited by this development? Or do you think the Massive-Verse should stick to comic book storytelling? Please feel free to let us know on social media, and follow us on social media, we’re always watching.

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