Guardians of the Galaxy 3: Zoe Saldana Offers New Hope For Gamora’s End

In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Zoe Saldaña opened up about her time with The Guardians of The Galaxy

While Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is, undoubtedly, Rocket’s movie, one of the standout storylines is what happens with Gamora. In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, actress Zoe Saldaña opened up about her thoughts and hopes for the daughter of Thanos.

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In Avengers: Endgame, the team of Avengers comes together to reverse the devastating effects of Thanos’ Snap. In their own timeline, Earth-616, the Infinity Stones have been destroyed by Thanos, making it necessary for the Avengers to travel back in time and retrieve the Stones from alternate timelines. This operation, known as the Time Heist, becomes critical to their plan.

Time Heist Gone Wrong

King Thanos Avengers Campus

During the Time Heist, Nebula, who possesses cybernetic enhancements, is tasked with retrieving the Power Stone from the same temple on Morag that Peter Quill had visited in the original Guardians of the Galaxy movie. However, a complication arises due to Nebula’s unique situation. A version of herself exists in the timeline she visits, and their shared neural network causes some unforeseen consequences.

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A transmission from the Original Nebula gets inadvertently intercepted by the Nebula in the alternate timeline. This transmission contains information about everything that transpired in Earth-616, revealing the Avengers’ plan and potentially tipping off Thanos about their intentions and his eventual victory. Learning of the Time Heist, the Alternate Timeline Thanos becomes aware of the threat posed to him losing everything he had accomplished.

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Driven by this knowledge, Alternate Timeline Thanos decides to break through the barriers of the Multiverse and invades Earth-616, seeking to ensure his triumph over the Avengers despite the Time Heist. This sets the stage for an intense and climactic showdown as the Avengers must confront Alternate Timeline Thanos and protect their world from this formidable threat.

Upon arriving at Earth-616, Alternate Timeline Thanos brings his formidable army, including his two daughters, Alternate Timeline Nebula, and Alternate Timeline Gamora. The Avengers face a monumental battle to thwart the Mad Titan’s invasion. After a hard-fought confrontation, they succeed in defeating Thanos. However, an unexpected consequence arises from the clash.

As a result of the defeat, all the beings who accompanied Alternate Timeline Thanos to Earth-616 find themselves trapped in the Avengers’ original timeline. Among them is Alternate Timeline Gamora, who hails from a different reality and never experienced the same adventures as the Gamora known to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Semi-Reunion with The Guardians Of The Galaxy

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Guardians of the Galaxy 3 picks up this version of Gamora’s story and has her leading a team of Ravagers – something that would have been unthinkable for the original Gamora but is perfectly natural for the woman who never met Starlord and his team. Perhaps subverting expectations, James Gunn had her return to her Ravagers while Peter went back to earth, rather than joining Rocket’s team of Guardians. This certainly came as a shock, as I was expecting something of a ‘return to the status quo’ ending, especially in light of Gamora’s tragic demise in the original timeline. But, as Zoe Saldaña herself points out, it’s a perfectly in-character ending for the green-skinned warrior.

“[Gamora going back to the Ravagers] was a bittersweet decision, obviously. I wanted to know that in the final chapter, Gamora stays on and finds a way to become a Guardian again. But this felt like the right way to end things for her, because of what she had been through. At the end of the day, any multiverse that she would’ve come from, she was still going to have the same experience with Thanos [Josh Brolin], and she was still gonna have the same guilt and the same trauma. So she finally found solace with the Ravagers, and she felt more open than she had ever been.”

What did you think of the end of Gamora’s story? Does she work well as a Ravager, or was this a missed chance to strengthen the leadership of the new Guardians of the Galaxy? Let us know on social media and follow us for more content like this, we’re always watching.


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