Kamen Rider Gotchard: Series, Main Rider, and Toy Line Reveal For 34th Kamen Rider Series!

Kamen Rider Gotchard has been revealed as the upcoming new Kamen Rider series. The 34th season has revealed upcoming toys and releases.
Kamen Rider Gotchard

Kamen Rider Gotchard has been fully revealed including the first DX release for the 34th Kamen Rider series. The new Kamen Rider series will start in September as the new hero to continue the franchise. The concept and the theme of the series have also been revealed as the new Rider uses a mixture of alchemy with artificially created lifeforms. A new release has also been revealed for Kamen Rider Geats as a new Rider Buckle utilizes the new gimmick, with a special team card.

The Kamen Rider series has continued to deliver incredible new releases, including the Shin Masked Rider movie currently available on Amazon Prime Video. Kamen Rider Geats is the recent new Rider series that will soon complete its run, featuring a concept based on Battle Royal video games. The 33rd Rider series also recently released the summer movie for 2023, Kamen Rider Geats: 4 Aces and the Black Fox. The next generation of Kamen Rider will be the 5th series in the Reiwa era and will join the Super Hero Time line-up with the Super Sentai series, Ohsama Sentai KingOhger.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Kicks off a New Series

The new Rider series, Kamen Rider Gotchard, will feature a new card-based gimmick based on the concept of alchemy. The new main Rider and his Driver belt have already been revealed, with the new hero making his early debut in the Kamen Rider Geats summer movie. The Rider will use a mix of 2 cards to access different forms, which involves the ‘Hopper 1’ and ‘SteamLiner’ for his primary appearance. The new DX GotcharDriver will feature the 2 cards inserted into the belt, with the back of the cards forming the helmet of the Rider.


The Ride Chemy cards will also be distinct types, which currently consist of Insect, Vehicle, Job (People), Animal, Artifact, Plant, and Blank categories. Booster packs will also be released for the series, featuring a greater selection of cards in the Rider series. Other reveals for the series include a cardholder, DX GotcharDraw Holder, that comes with 4 cards, and a movie Rider Buckle that uses a Kamen Rider Geats card, with the various Riders of the series. This new Rider Buckle will also complete the movie set with the exclusive ID released as part of the movie promotion in Japan.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Synopsis

“Alchemy” is a technique that attempts to create “gold” through different combinations. One of his mysterious studies included an attempt to artificially create “creatures.” In this work, the story unfolds in the present age when those experiments have been secretly successful.

The key to the story of “Kamen Rider Gotchard” is the artificial Life monster, Chemy. There are 101 Chemies, which are lifeforms made to imitate all things that exist in this world, such as grasshoppers and SLs. They were stored in a card called “Ride Chemy Card”.

However, they, who should have been carefully stored, jumped out of their cards, and were released all at once. The main character, Houtarou Ichinose, who was accidentally involved in the incident, was entrusted with Kamen Rider Gatchard’s transformation belt ” GotcharDriver” and recovered the Chemy released into the world. You are given a mission to do.

Chemy is a reassuring existence that will become a companion of humans if it resonates with a good heart. As evidence of this, Houtarou loads the Ride Chemy Card into the Gotcher Driver and fuses with Chemy to transform into Kamen Rider Gotchard. On the other hand, when Chemy is combined with human malice, there is a danger that it will give birth to Monster, Malgam, and it truly has the nature of good and evil as two sides of the same coin.

Houtarou’s catchphrase is “Gotcha!”. This is English slang meaning “I did it!”. The curtain rises on the legendary Kamen Rider!

This new series seems like a brilliant mix of Kamen Rider Decade with a similar concept of Kamen Rider Build. The modern Rider series always favor combination mechanics, allowing fans to enjoy the selection of items and toys with multi-activation features. The Driver and card gimmick look really fun to use, with many forms yet to be revealed. There is also a CGI element to this concept as each card also includes a Chemy creature. There are so many cards already revealed and even Legacy Rider cards included, so it will be thrilling to finally see the arsenal in use for the series.

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The exclusives released for the summer movie of Kamen Rider Geats are fantastic additions to help transition to the next series. The use of multiple Riders adds a fantastic multi-colored visual that represents the show well. Those that managed to get the ID core obtainable by watching the movie will definitely need the new Rider Buckle. Especially since it uses the card gimmick from the new series, with more integration likely to be released.

Kamen Rider Gotchard will premiere as the 34th Kamen Rider series, with the first episode to premiere on September 3, 2023. The new Rider has already debuted as the new hero has appeared in the summer movie, Kamen Rider Geats: 4 Aces and the Black Fox. The DX GotcharDriver and DX GotcharDraw Holder will be released in September, along with the first booster for the cards.

What do you think of Kamen Rider Gotchard? Are you excited about the next series of Kamen Rider? Will you be collecting the new Driver and Chemy cards? Let us know on social media what you think of the Kamen Rider Gotchard hype and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Tokusatsu news.

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