KingOhger: The 47th Sentai Fully Reveals King Caucasus Kabuto and God KingOhger Collectibles

KingOhger Crown Lance Toy video from Bandai reveals DX King Caucasus Kabuto and God KingOhger. The latest Robos from the 47th Sentai series.

KingOhger‘s Caucasus Kabuto Castle toy has been revealed in images for a recent Bandai Mania video, including the God KingOhger formation. The toy for the King Caucasus Kabuto has been revealed, showing the details of the upcoming release. This includes the tank mode, Robo mode, and even the golden Guardian Shugod that forms an axe. The God KingOhger has also been revealed as the entire Shugod line into one huge mecha, including the Extreme KingOhger and all weapon-class Shugods.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger recently debuted the power-up mode for Kuwagata Ohger, which was revealed to be the Ohger Crown Lance and Founding Crown. Belonging to the first King, the Crown allows Kuwagata Ohger or OhKuwagata Ohger to access a golden armor form and a range of powerful attacks. With the Founder’s Crown mounted in the weapon, King Kuwagata Ohger can activate the Extreme formation, which includes the God Tarantula with the 13-Shugod Robo. 

KingOhger Reveals First Full-Look at New Release 

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The KingOhger DX King Caucasus Kabuto has finally been revealed, including a better look at the upcoming toy compared to previous leaks. The images were revealed in a recent video for the DX Ohger Crown Lance, which can call upon the Caucasus Kabuto Tank and the new formation. The Castle seen in Shugoddam will be accompanied by DX Guardian Heracles Axe, which will become the weapon for the Robo. The Castle will be able to change into a Tank mode and a Robo mode, plus both new additions will form the God KingOhger in a 20-Shugod formation. 

The images revealed during the video also show the full formation of the God KingOhger as fans can see how each part combines. This includes the 14-Shugods used to create the Extreme formation, the 4 weapon-class Shugods, and the King Caucasus Kabuto with Guardian Heracles Axe. The formation was revealed to be activated by the Ohger Crown Lance, which the toy can play activation sounds for.

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It’s fantastic to full see the full reveal for the final Shugod expected to be released for the 47th Sentai series. The Caucasus Kabuto Castle has two fantastic forms to transform into and has incredible decoration details. The God KingOhger also reveals exactly how the other 6 Shugods combine, with the Extreme KingOhger as the basis. This includes the Castle combined to the feet and upper torso, the weapon Shugods attached to the God Tarantula legs, and even the Guardian Heracles Axe attached under one of the God Kumo on the body. 

The God form is beyond expectation and merges so much mecha in one perfectly balanced formation. We can only see the formation from the front, it is easy to see how each Shugod is combined but not how well it is balanced via the side view. The body of the King Caucasus Kabuto is also split to extend the legs for the formation, which means that the God Hachi and God Kamakiri feet are housed in the new component. This genius design will be exciting to see when combining all the toy Shugods, along with the upcoming TV series debut for the formation. 

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KingOhger DX King Caucasus Kabuto and Guardian Heracles Axe release date has yet to be officially revealed but is expected for August 5. More announcements are expected to follow for the 3rd Quarter schedule when Bandai reveals the upcoming toys for the series. 

What do you think of DX King Caucasus Kabuto? Are you impressed with the God KingOhger formation? What has been your favorite Robo in KingOhger so far? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news. We’re always watching.


Source: Bandai, Twitter 


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