‘SHAKY SHIVERS’ – Sung Kang’s Directorial Debut Promises A Wild Adventure of Magic, Mayhem, and 80s Nostalgia

Sung Kang's directorial debut 'Shaky Shivers' is a thrilling adventure that pays homage to 80s horror while introducing a fresh take on the werewolf genre
Shaky Shivers

Sung Kang, best known for his acting roles in films like the Fast & Furious franchise, is stepping behind the camera for his directorial debut with Shaky Shivers. Set to release on September 21, 2023, the film promises to be a thrilling adventure filled with mystery, magic, and a nostalgic nod to 80s horror.

Shaky Shivers Official Trailer

Shaky Shivers follows the story of Lucy, who, after being bitten by a mysterious animal, becomes convinced that she will transform into a werewolf. Joined by her best friend Karen, the two embark on a wild adventure filled with magic and mayhem. They find themselves in a battle with a throat-slashing creature that seems to have been ripped right out of an 80s horror movie.

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Starring Brooke Markham (In the Dark) as Lucy and VyVy Nguyen (The Sympathizer) as Karen, Shaky Shivers boasts a talented cast that is sure to bring the characters to life with energy and authenticity.

Markham’s portrayal of Lucy, a young woman grappling with the fear of transformation, is expected to be a standout performance, while Nguyen’s role as the supportive and adventurous best friend adds depth and camaraderie to the story.

A Fresh Take on a Classic Genre

Sung Kang’s directorial debut is shaping up to be a fresh and exciting take on the werewolf genre. By blending elements of horror, comedy, and adventure, Shaky Shivers aims to provide a unique cinematic experience that pays homage to classic 80s horror films while introducing new twists and turns.

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The screenplay, penned by Andrew McAllister and Aaron Strongoni, promises to deliver a compelling narrative that balances suspense, humor, and character-driven storytelling.

Sung Kang: A New Voice in Filmmaking

Shaky Shivers

Sung Kang’s transition from actor to director is an exciting development in his career. Known for his charismatic performances on screen, Kang’s move to the director’s chair showcases his artistic versatility and passion for storytelling.

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With Shaky Shivers Kang has the opportunity to leave his mark as a filmmaker, bringing his unique vision and sensibility to a genre that continues to captivate audiences.

Shaky Shivers is shaping up to be a must-see film for fans of horror, adventure, and 80s nostalgia. With its intriguing premise, talented cast, and the fresh perspective of director Sung Kang, the film promises to be an entertaining and thrilling ride.

Mark your calendars for September 21, 2023, and prepare to embark on a wild adventure with Lucy and Karen as they face magic, mayhem, and a fearsome creature in Shaky Shivers.

About Shaky Shivers

Shaky Shivers

Release Date: September 21, 2023
Director: Sung Kang
Writers: Andrew McAllister and Aaron Strongoni
Executive Producers: Nina Yang Bongiovi, Michael Y. Chow, John Lepper, Kevin M. Lin
Producers: Eric Bergman, Jameson English, Lucy Y. Kim, Kean Shim, Brian Yang
Distribution: Cineverse
Music by: Timo Chen
Cast: Brooke Markham, VyVy Nguyen, Jimmy Bellinger, Erin Daniels, Skyler Day, Herschel Sparber

After finding herself bitten by a mysterious animal, Lucy becomes convinced that she will transform into a fearsome werewolf. Joined by her best friend Karen, the two embark on a wild adventure filled with magic and mayhem, as they look to do battle with a throat-slashing creature ripped right out of an 80s horror movie.

Are you excited about Sung Kang’s directorial debut with Shaky Shivers? What elements of 80s horror are you hoping to see homaged in this thrilling adventure? Would you want to cure yourself if you become a werewolf? Share your thoughts and expectations with us on social media!

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