Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #111 Sells Out Before Release & Returns With Second Printing

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #111 Sells Out, with 2nd Printing featuring a new Cover Variant. The first issue of the new Darkest Hour event features adds new cover art by Dan Mora.
MMPR111 2nd Print Cover

Boom! Studios announced a second printing for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #111 as the latest issue sold out before its release. The Darkest Hour event starts with the latest comic issue, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of Power Rangers. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the new story that will bring a monumental event similar to Shattered Grid. Art for a new cover has been revealed as Dan Mora is featured in a new release for the second wave of the upcoming issue. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #111 officially marks the start of the new Darkest Hour event, celebrating the landmark anniversary of the franchise. The latest comics will continue the story of the Mighty Morphin team and the Omega Rangers as they face Empress Vile. Along with both teams, they will also be joined by the Drakkon Rangers and Hyperforce Rangers as they face many foes. Villains also starring in the comic event include Lord Zedd in a Ranger form, the Death Ranger, and Dark Specter, himself.  

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #111 Second Printing Revealed After Pre-Release Sell-Out 

BOOM! Studios, under the license leading toy company Hasbro, announced today the new comic book Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #111. The issue is the start of the Darkest Hour event, taking place after the bold and greatly anticipated Reunited, Recharged era of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with a superstar creative lineup of writer Melissa Flores (Power Rangers, The Dead Lucky), artist Simona Di Gianfelice (Firefly), colorist Raúl Angulo (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and letterer Ed Dukeshire (The Woods, Irredeemable).

BOOM! Studios have revealed in the kickoff to this new 12-month event story, the issue has sold out at the distributor level. In this dark, new storyline, it appears Mistress Vile has won, and now the control of the Grid and Dark Specter’s infections are spreading throughout the universe.

The Power Rangers now must face an impossible choice of saving either their friend or the universe from Dark Specter. The heroes are also separated and stranded until they receive help from the last team they’d expect, and it may not be the help they were hoping for. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Darkest Hour Event Synopsis

In the tradition of Shattered Grid and perfectly timed with the 30th anniversary of Power Rangers, writer Melissa Flores and artist Simona Di Gianfelice kick off the event they’ve been building toward for the last year that will forever change the Power Rangers universe.  

“The Darkest Hour has already set the bar incredibly high for the Power Rangers. Melissa, Simona, Raúl, and Ed have truly created the biggest event to date in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers history and we’re committed to ensuring every fan is able to jump on board with the first chapter!”

– Filip Sablik, President, Publishing & Sales, BOOM! Studios. 

In response to the overwhelming support from retailers and fans, BOOM! Studios has announced Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #111 Second Printing, featuring brand new cover art by legendary artist Dan Mora (Once & Future), available in stores September 13, 2023. 

Celebrating 30 continuous years on the air, Power Rangers has become one of the longest-running kids’ live-action series in television history, with more than 900 episodes aired to date. Created by Haim Saban and launched in 1993 with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the series celebrates its 30th year with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always, an anniversary special streaming exclusively on Netflix. The 30th overall season of Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury, premieres Fall 2023 exclusively on Netflix. 

The quick sell-out before the new comic is even released proves how much fans are anxiously awaiting the Darkest Hour to begin. It also highlights how much fans are craving more content for the Power Rangers franchise as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.

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So far, only two live-action releases have been gifted to fans for the anniversary, including Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always and Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. Fans are still awaiting new releases as National Power Rangers Day draws closer, so it’s great that fans can rely on the comics for confirmed content to dive into. It will be exciting to see what the team has in store for the comic event as Darkest Hour has barely begun.  

Print copies of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #111 First Printing will be available August 23, 2023, at local comic book shops or the BOOM! Studios webstore. Digital copies can be purchased from content providers like comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and Kindle.  

What do you think of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #111 selling out before release? Are you excited to see more from the Darkest Hour event? Will you be getting the 2nd printing cover by Dan Mora? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news. 

SOURCE: Boom! Studios 

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