KingOhger: King Kyoryu Red Confirmed For October With New Villains Revealed

Japan’s TV Life has confirmed both a new Ranger form and the new villain for the second half of Ohsama Sentai Kingohger!

Japan’s TV Life has confirmed both a new Ranger form and the new villain for the second half of Ohsama Sentai Kingohger.

After the defeat of the Bugnarak at the end of the first half, the Kingohgers were in need of a new villain to defeat. Toei has been quiet on the details until now, keeping the focus on the new appearances of the Kingohgers, but this latest information drop confirms our new evil empire.

Space Insect King Doug Dedo Dujardan

As reported by TV Life (and translated by Darren Lester), Akira Ishida, the voice actor for the Space Insect King, says:

“As a man of the Showa era, who grew up with Himitsu Sentai Goranger, I am amazed by the complex interpersonal relationships woven into Ohsama Sentai Kingohger. The distinct and intriguing qualities of each character blend together in a way that is appealing to young children, who are the target audience, without losing their interest. I’m impressed by the delicate balance. I will work hard to fit well into the style of the show as the voice of Space Insect King Doug Dedo Dujardan. I’ll start by not getting hung up on the character’s name!”

What’s in a name? It’s interesting that Akira Ishida brought it up, because by sentai standards it’s fairly straightforward. But written in katakana, it’s clearly meant to be a play on non-native Japanese words.

‘Doug’ is fairly straightforward but can be paralleled with Jeremy as being a European-style name, which perhaps hints at some kind of relationship between the two characters.

Du jardin (which would be written phonetically as ‘dujardan’ in katakana) is French for ‘from the garden’ which continues to cement the bug theme we might expect from the Space Insect King.

In addition to Doug Dedo Dujardin, the official Kingohger Twitter account has announced three other members of the new villain crew, alongside their voice casts:

Goma Rosalia – Played by Kazuhiro Yamaji

Hillbile Rich – Played by  Miyuki Sawashiro

Minongan Mouz – Played Shinichiro Seki

Kamejim Unka – Played by Shinichiro Miki

Ohsama Sentai Kingohger: King Kyouryu Red


The reappearance of the Kyouryuger team to mark their tenth anniversary is the worst kept secret in the world, but it does come with one very exciting surprise – a new form for Kyouryured.

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Named King Kyouryu Red, the new form appears to have a cloak and golden arms armor. The new poster obscures the rest of him, but his helmet seems the same as it was ten years ago, and the triangle teeth motif appearing behind him suggests the suit will be the one we recognize just with a few upgrades.

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It will be exciting to see both how and why King Kyouryu Red appears, as the final scenes of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger show the Kyoryugers living their lives happily and peacefully, having accomplished their mission to protect the world from Deboss’ tyranny. So why are they back in action? Will it be Daigo taking out the ‘force from space’ he hinted at in the finale? Or have the Zyudenryu chosen new partners? We don’t have too much longer to wait to find out, as this new chapter begins on Sunday September 3.


Do you have any theories on the ‘Dedo’ part of the Space Insect King’s name? Are you excited to meet the new enemy? How hyped are you for King Kyouryu Red? Let us know either in the comments or on our social media.

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Source: TV Life


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