KingOhger: 2nd Chapter Cosplay Revealed by Premium Bandai

Get a look at some of these new KingOhger cosplay pieces from Premium Bandai.
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Premium Bandai has dropped a range of new cosplay merch to make your dreams of Jeremy cosplay so much more attainable. Following the releases of other KingOhger cosplay pieces, Premium Bandai has announced its pieces based on the costume of everyone’s favorite human/bagnarak hybrid.

Premium Bandai is a well-known online retailer that specializes in selling official and limited-edition merchandise related to popular anime, manga, and other media franchises. While they do offer a wide range of products, including clothing and accessories, their focus isn’t solely on cosplay. However, they do occasionally release cosplay-related items and costumes for fans of various series.


Premium Bandai’s approach to cosplay merchandise involves creating high-quality and accurate costumes based on characters from popular anime, manga, movies, and video games. These costumes often feature intricate details and are designed to cater to cosplayers who want to achieve an authentic and faithful representation of their favorite characters.

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While Premium Bandai is based in Japan, they often offer international shipping, allowing fans from around the world to purchase their merchandise. This is a way for international fans to support their favorite franchises in countries that don’t benefit from general merchandise releases, as Premium Bandai typically obtains official licenses from the creators or rights holders of the franchises they are creating costumes for. This allows them to create accurate and legally-sanctioned cosplay items.

King’s Hotline Necklace

The first item showcased by the Premium Bandai twitter account is a necklace featuring a “Kings Hotline” motif. The ‘Kings Hotline’ is a smartphone-style device used by the King-Ohgers as their belt buckles and communicators, and this necklace gives you the option for a stealth cosplay with something a little less bulky than the Kings Hotline toy.

Jeremy’s costume

Also available is Jeremy’s complete costume. This set consists of his a-symmetrical jacket, neckwear, and sleeves. The golden detailing is a particularly strong touch, giving it a true-to-life appearance.


These are not the only cosplay items available for the Kingohger characters. Launching in June 2023, we have previously seen:

  • Gira’s cloak
  • Gira’s shirt
  • Gira’s pants
  • Gira’s harness
  • Gira’s necklace
  • Yanma’s tanktop
  • Yanma’s pants
  • Yanma’s ear cuff
  • Yanma’s belt
  • Yanma’s cuffs
  • Himeno’s top, skirt, and corset set
  • Himeno’s earrings
  • Himeno’s tiara
  • Rita’s jacket
  • Rita’s high-necked shirt
  • Rita’s belt
  • Rita’s ear cuff
  • Rita’s bracelet
  • Kaguragi’s kimono-style jacket
  • Kaguragi’s pants
  • Kaguragi’s necklace
  • Kaguragi’s cushion
  • Kaguragi’s fan
  • Racules’ jacket
  • Racules’ crown

The other KingOhgers have more releases than Jeremy has had so far, so the hope is that there will be further releases for Spider Kumonos. Given that there have been accessories released for the others, his earring would seem an obvious next piece, though temporary tattoos featuring his face markings might be a funny addition to a cosplay collection.

Cosplay plays a central role in fan conventions around the world, with events like Comic-Con International, Anime Expo, and Gamescom featuring dedicated cosplay spaces, workshops, and competitions. These events attract thousands of cosplayers and fans who appreciate the artistry and dedication involved in creating costumes.

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As cosplay has gained more mainstream recognition (with the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter providing cosplayers with a global platform to share their creations, connect with other enthusiasts, and gain followers) more and more pieces are becoming available and allowing fans to show their love of their franchises on a wider scale.

Are you a cosplayer? If so, will you be picking up any of the Jeremy-related KingOhger pieces? If not, will you be picking them up anyway and trying some at-work stealth cosplay? Please let us know, either in the comments or on social media.

SOURCE: Premium Bandai

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