Power Rangers Cosmic Fury: Top 10 Ranger Teams We Want To See!

We have listed the top 10 Power Ranger teams we want to see in the upcoming Cosmic Fury season coming to Netflix! Check them out...
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Power Rangers Cosmic Fury includes many out-of-season Rangers featured in upcoming episodes. With the return of Billy and the debut of Dark Ranger, we have created a list of the most anticipated Ranger teams. As the 30th anniversary includes Cosmic Fury as the 30th Season, there are many references and potential additions that fans are hopeful to see. Out of all the teams, we have listed the top 10 Power Ranger teams we want to see in the upcoming season coming to Netflix.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury celebrates the 30th anniversary of Power Rangers by bringing the Dino Fury team back for a 3rd Season. The event will also include iconic characters such as Billy (David Yost), the original Blue Ranger, and Mick Kanic (Kelson Henderson), who previously guest-starred in Power Rangers Dino Fury. Much more has yet to be revealed about the team and their new powers, but a recent trailer has already revealed that the Dark Ranger will make his live-action debut, despite being a comic-exclusive Ranger for Power Rangers Dino Charge.

The Power Rangers Teams We Want For The 30th Season

Power Rangers Super Megaforce still holds the record for most Rangers gathered for one scene.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury already features so many easter eggs and features for the 30th Season of Power Rangers. With so much history behind the franchise, this may be the only time to include everything possible before plans focus on a reboot. Some of these Ranger teams may not be included but they would all lead to one of the biggest and strongest Seasons of Power Rangers ever created. Each has a different reason for being included in this list but any of these teams would be a blessing as a featured addition to any episode.

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10) Dino Thunder Rangers

The team may not have a direct link to the Cosmic Fury Rangers, but with Billy leading the team in Space, this is the best chance to include them. This is one of the only teams to be given a Mighty Morphin Mentor as Jason David Frank joined the team by returning as Tommy Oliver. The Dino Fury Rangers will now basically be mentored by the Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger and what better way to commemorate JDF than by seeing two groups of Rangers talk about, and bond over, their MMPR mentors.

9) Super Megaforce Rangers

Although it wasn’t the most popular Season due to directions taken that deviated too far from Gokaiger, the series had an amazing cast and a fantastic gimmick. The Ranger team was able to access the powers of the legendary Rangers for the 20th-anniversary celebration as the Megaforce Ranger accessed the entire Morphin Grid of Ranger forms. At the time, they were also recognized by other Rangers but despite the Legacy they continued, they have yet to return or explain events after their time fighting the Armada. Plus, they were also able to access never-before-seen Ranger forms, including the powers that were revealed to have once belonged to the Emissaries.

8) Time Force Rangers

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The Time Force Rangers were iconic additions to the timeline as they were one of the only teams capable of traveling through time. The Rangers previously returned to the past to help other Ranger teams, but Wes remained in the Modern-day era with his futuristic powers. Although Jason Faunt is an iconic Red Ranger, it would be amazing to see the other Time Force Rangers return for the 30th Season, such as Jen (Erin Cahill). Jen was the Pink Time Force Ranger and leader of the team outside of battle, plus she also became the Mentor to the Hyperforce Rangers in the year 3016.

7) Omega Rangers & Solar Rangers

The comic-exclusive Rangers may only get one more chance to join the live-action series before the reboot takes place in a new dimension. With Zack previously appearing in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always, there was never a reference to the comic events that mention his time as the Black Omega Ranger. This would be the best chance to include this iconic comic addition and the only chance to include the Beyond The Grid Purple Solar Ranger and Orange Solar Ranger. With the Dark Ranger also in the Season, this would be another perfect part of the pie since Heckyl became the Blue Solar Ranger during the storyline event.

6) Dino Charge Rangers

With the Dark Ranger featuring in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, it would make sense for the main team to appear in the 30th Season. Especially since the Rangers appeared in Power Rangers Beast Morphers with their mentor, Keeper. With so much lore for the Dark Energem and the 10 Energems, it would make sense to add any of the characters from the series. It would also be an iconic addition since their Sentai counterpart, Kyoryuger, will feature Kyoryu Red appearing in KingOhger for their space-oriented adventure in the 2nd Chapter of the story.



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