Power Rangers 30: Has Zedd Completely Forgotten About Rita?

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will feature the iconic Mighty Morphin Villain. However, has Lord Zedd forgotten about his wife, Rita Repulsa?

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will feature Lord Zedd but has the iconic villain forgotten Rita Repulsa. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers villain has made a grand return as the new antagonist for the 30th Season of Power Rangers. However, has the Power Rangers’ original foe completely forgotten Rita and the time they were together? As one half of the ultimate evil power couple, there hasn’t been much shared about their past in the present, and with the upcoming series, has the fiend lost the memories of his wife? 

Lord Zedd made his return during Power Rangers Dino Fury as he was revived from the time he was at his most evil. The iconic villain was a Power Rangers original creation that made his debut in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2, which also featured Zords adapted from Gosei Sentai Dairanger. Although Rita served Lord Zedd, she returned with a love potion that made the evil lord love her. Season 2 featured the unholy union between both villains, and they were always seen together until the finale of Power Rangers In Space

Is The Unholy Union Between Zedd and Rita Lost?

Lord Zedd’s Debut in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa have been an iconic pair since the Wedding episode in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2. The relationship between both villains has always been a horrific exchange ever since Lord Zedd first arrived, but this changed when Rita escaped imprisonment. Since this moment, both villains have been set as a deadly couple with a deeper backstory continuing in the comic books. Despite their history, both villains have been featured separately without many references to their marriage or events after the Zordon era.

Featured Timeline including Zedd & Rita

Hyperforce altered Timeline featured Lord Zedd and Rita as statues in the year 3016 after damage caused to the timeline. Lord Zedd’s Ranger form and Rita becoming Empress Vile featured in the recent comic releases, leading up to Darkest Hour.

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Both villains have been featured in Power Rangers Hyperforce and the Boom! Studio comics. The comics currently feature Rita becoming Mistress Vile and Lord Zedd as an evil Ranger for the Darkest Hour event. Although Hyperforce’s Altered Timeline features an alternative version of the couple, many fans recall the good versions of the characters after Power Rangers in Space. The only known follow-up to the redeemed characters is Rita Repulsa becoming Mystic Mother in Power Rangers Mystic Force.

The only thing outstanding is references to updated events, which have greatly expanded the history of both Rita and Lord Zedd. This includes the comics revealing Lord Zedd’s origins as an Eltarian and his current time as a Ranger in Darkest Hour. As Dark Ranger is coming to its 30th Season, this could be a great way to reference the exclusive events with even more references to the continued past. Whether there will be any easter eggs or references to Lord Zedd’s featured comic highlights has yet to be revealed.

Modern-Day Twists for Villains

Currently, the timeline has been warped in the comics so the future Rita has been unable to appear, but Robo Rita did appear in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always. As this version of Rita returned from the Z Wave, it’s possible that the original Lord Zedd could still be dormant. However, Lord Zedd was cloned by the necromancer, Reaghoul, from when he was most evil. It is possible that could have been before Rita gave him a love potion, meaning he only remembers events up until that point.

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Naturally, he could still recall Rita and maybe even learn of events from a form of online database, like the Rangers. However, the point is the self-proclaimed emperor of evil was at his evilest during the time he was detached from Rita. This would explain why the villain might not refer to his past or future wife, but he could always mention her as his minion or refer to the records. There are many ways that the Z-Wave Lord Zedd could influence his clone but it’s unclear whether the original could share his memories.

All characters chosen for the 30th Season of Power Rangers were selected to seal the 30-year continuity before the reboot starts a whole new universe, so naturally, it makes sense why Zedd at his most formidable is the primary villain.

Cosmic Fury’s Plan For Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd as featured in the Power Rangers Cosmic Fury preview clip for Netflix’s September 2023 line-up.

The only known facts about this Lord Zedd are that he has controlled Ollie, still has his staff, and has been recognized as a great threat by the Morphin Masters. As Zayto was revived after Lord Zedd’s escape, it shows how dangerous the villain is, but fans will have to wait until the release to discover how much has been integrated into his return.

All 10 episodes of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will be released worldwide via Netflix on September 29, 2023.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

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