Top 3 Reasons The Original Power Rangers Timeline Won’t Be Obsolete

Power Rangers Reboot will soon be the focus after the 30th Season. Find out why the original Morphin Grid may not become obsolete after Power Rangers Cosmic Fury.

Power Rangers Reboot will be the focus of Hasbro, but the original Power Rangers Timeline won’t become obsolete. The future of the franchise is one of the biggest discussions among the Ranger community as all attention is aimed toward the reboot helmed by Hasbro. With Power Rangers Cosmic Fury ending the long-running timeline fans have enjoyed for over 30 years, we have three major points on why the history of Power Rangers won’t be left in the past. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers marked the start of an iconic franchise that is recognized around the world. Adapted from Tokusatsu’s Super Sentai series, the Power Rangers featured various teams for 30 years, whereas the Sentai franchise will soon reveal its 48th team of Superheroes. Power Rangers Cosmic Fury starts to break away from the adaptation format as the series features original footage, with new suits, powers, and action scenes. As part of the 30th anniversary series, fans have been blessed with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always, the Darkest Hour comic event, and a momentous season with iconic characters. 


Top 3 Reasons why Original Morphin Grid Won’t Instantly Power Down

Fans are excited to discover what the rebooted series will look like and there is so much excitement for a brand-new future. However, Power Rangers has a huge line-up of lore and fan-influenced content that has led to many doors being open in the past. Hasbro will be rebooting the franchise to bring Power Rangers to a new target audience, but there are factors to the original Morphin Grid that are worth noting. Here are the top 3 reasons why the original Power Rangers timeline won’t become obsolete. 

3) Hyperforce Travel The Hyperstream  

The Hyperforce Rangers have never been given a live-action debut, but the beloved TTRPG canon series was able to travel both the timestream and the Dimension-jumping Hyperstream. The support from fans led the iconic Ranger team to enter into the comic books for the 30th anniversary, with the Rangers able to travel to the Coinless and RPM dimensions with their Hyper Time Ship. The amazing cast from the HyperRPG series would be a fantastic fit for the young adult target audience for the reboot, but the Darkest Hour will likely be used to finally grant their farewell adventure.


The main issue with the Hyperforce team is that they aren’t a part of the reboot, with the cast also unlikely to suit up for the occasion. However, there is always a chance that the team would love to take part if given the opportunity. For now, the Ranger series is considered part of the original Morphin Grid so the comics should conclude the run fans have been awaiting since the TTRPG series concluded. There is also a chance that any Ranger series could be rebooted into the new Morphin Grid, but the focus will be on the new Mighty Morphin team for the foreseeable future. 

2) Devoted Fans Love Every Version of the Power Rangers

Although it is unlikely that past Ranger actors will return, there have been occasions when iconic Rangers have re-entered the Grid mostly due to popularity. This has previously happened with Jason David Frank in Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Austin St John and the Dino Charge cast in Power Ranger Beast Morphers, but the most recent examples include Mick Kanic and the Dark Ranger in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. The focus will currently be on reboot as new characters and concepts are created, but fans have always shared their love with the army of Rangers found in every season. 

At this early stage, the Hyperstream remains closed to any past Rangers that fans want to cross over. However, there are multiple directions that the reboot could take if the creative team were to open that unlikely portal. It will be interesting to see how the new Morphin Grid will develop as it’s impossible to predict what the new Ranger series could look like. However, fans can always meet and share their love for veteran Rangers and iconic characters at conventions, who are also curious about the future of the ever-growing Ranger family.

1) Comics Currently Continuing the Path

For now, the biggest piece of the current Morphin Grid continues to unfold as the Darkest Hour is set to continue into 2024. The year-long comic event by Boom! Studios feature Melissa Flores as the writer, who will bring together various characters from the comics. This includes the Mighty Morphin Season 2 team, the Omega Rangers, the Drakkon Rangers, and even the Hyperforce Rangers. With so much still to come, the story will continue to be told for the original timeline. 


Both Power Rangers Hyperforce and the Darkest Hour feature a corrupted timeline, much like the Shattered Grid event that saw Lord Drakkon killing various Rangers throughout time. It’s unclear what direction the comics may take as even the Death Ranger has affected the timeline seen in the TV series. There are so many exciting issues to come for the 30th-anniversary event, but many will be wondering what Boom! Studios will feature when the current chapter concludes. 

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will be the 30th Season of the franchise and marks the last installment of the original timeline. News regarding the Power Rangers reboot is expected to be revealed in 2024, which will feature the start of a new universe.

What do you think of the original Power Rangers timeline? Do you have a favorite moment from the 30-year history of Power Rangers? Are you excited about the reboot after Power Rangers Cosmic Fury? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers content.

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