HERE LIES LOVE Wants to Broaden Broadway With Revolutionary Ticket Initiative

'Here Lies Love,' in partnership with Gold House and TAAF, introduces the "Democracy in Action" ticket initiative, aiming to make Broadway more accessible to diverse communities.
Here Lies Love

Broadway is set to witness a revolutionary change, not just on stage but in the audience as well. The producers of the groundbreaking musical Here Lies Love, a creation of David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, have announced the “Democracy in Action” ticket initiative. This initiative, in collaboration with Gold House and The Asian American Foundation (TAAF), aims to democratize the Broadway experience.

Democracy in Action: A Step Towards Inclusivity

Here Lies Love

“Democracy in Action” is more than just a ticketing initiative; it’s a movement. With a goal to raise $1 million in tax-deductible donations, the initiative will subsidize tickets starting in October, which is celebrated as Filipino American Heritage Month. This initiative targets high school and college students, healthcare professionals, service workers, municipal workers, community centers, and other non-profits. Those interested can find more details and apply for ticket blocks priced at $99 each on the official website:


Here Lies Love has resonated deeply with a broad spectrum of audiences, particularly the AAPI community. While the industry average for ticket sales from AAPI buyers stood at 8% from March to August 2023, Here Lies Love saw an impressive 16% average, peaking at 20% in August 2023. The musical’s appeal is evident, with many patrons expressing a desire to experience the show multiple times. Among these, 60% of AAPI audiences and a whopping 84% of Filipino audiences are likely to return for a repeat viewing.

Producers and Partners Speak Out

The show’s producers, including Jose Antonio Vargas, Patrick Catullo, Diana DiMenna, Clint Ramos, Kevin Connor, and Hal Luftig, expressed their gratitude towards Gold House and TAAF. They emphasized the unique opportunity Here Lies Love offers in diversifying Broadway’s audience demographics.

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Bing Chen, co-founder of Gold House, highlighted the significance of Here Lies Love with its all-Filipino cast, stating that “Democracy in Action” will provide an impactful opportunity for students and community members to learn more about history through art.

Norman Chen, President of TAAF, emphasized the importance of authentic stories like Here Lies Love in reflecting the richness and nuances of AAPI experiences on the grand stage of Broadway.

About the Musical: Here Lies Love

Here Lies Love is not just another musical; it’s an experience. With songs from David Byrne and Fatboy Slim and direction from Alex Timbers, the Tony-winning director of Moulin Rouge! The Musical, the show promises a unique Broadway experience. The narrative revolves around a young woman’s meteoric rise to fame and power, set against the backdrop of Club Millennium.

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The musical boasts Broadway’s first all-Filipino cast, including Arielle Jacobs, Jose Llana, Conrad Ricamora, and many more. The creative team behind Here Lies Love is as impressive as its cast, ensuring a top-notch Broadway experience.

Ticketing Details

Tickets for Here Lies Love are available at, over the phone, or directly at the Broadway Theatre box office. Special provisions have been made for group bookings and general rush tickets. A digital lottery system is also in place for those feeling lucky.

Here Lies Love is more than just a musical; it’s a movement towards inclusivity and representation. With the “Democracy in Action” initiative, Broadway takes a significant step towards reflecting the diversity of its audience, both on and off the stage.

Here Lies Love

What are your thoughts on the “Democracy in Action” initiative? How do you think such initiatives can shape the future of Broadway? Are you planning to watch Here Lies Love? Share your views and join the conversation!

Source: Here Lies Love

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