“Naughty” Animated Garbage Pail Kids Series In Development From Danny McBride and David Gordon Green

Garbage Pail Kids

Max’s Garbage Pail Kids reboot is still on the cards from creators Danny McBride and David Gordon Green. Gordon Green discussed the topic during a recent appearance on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast.

“Right now, McBride and I are trying to do an animated series based on the Garbage Pail Kids cards,” David Gordon Green told the Happy Sad Confused podcast. “So, we’re working on that. And we have some really cool ways we can make a pretty naughty animated show. We’ll see if they’ll have us on that one.”


In the world of collectibles, few names evoke as much nostalgia and curiosity as the Garbage Pail Kids. These peculiar trading cards, first introduced in the mid-1980s, captured the hearts of kids and baffled parents with their grotesque, irreverent, and sometimes downright gross illustrations.

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The Garbage Pail Kids emerged in 1985 as a subversive response to the popular Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. Topps, the trading card company, unleashed these collectibles upon the world, creating a sensation that had kids eagerly swapping, collecting, and trading their favorite cards.

Each Garbage Pail Kid card featured a character with a pun-laden, often scatological, name and a bizarre, grotesque illustration. The appeal lay in their defiant irreverence, a stark departure from the sweet and saccharine dolls they parodied.

Garbage Pail Kids

Unsurprisingly, the Garbage Pail Kids ruffled more than a few feathers. Parents, teachers, and school administrators voiced concerns about their inappropriate content, leading to bans in several schools and even entire countries. Despite the backlash, the controversy only fueled their popularity, making them all the more enticing to kids seeking something rebellious.

The primary allure of Garbage Pail Kids lay in collecting. Kids would buy countless packs of cards, hoping to uncover rare, coveted cards and complete their sets. The more gruesome and bizarre the card, the better! Many young collectors even stored their prized cards in protective sleeves, treating them like valuable treasures.

The Garbage Pail Kids left an indelible mark on popular culture. They appeared in an animated TV series, merchandise, and even a feature film. Their influence extended to the punk and alternative music scenes, with bands adopting GPK imagery in their album art and stage shows.


In 2021, it was announced that HBO Max (Now simply Max) was in the process of developing an animated Garbage Pail Kids series with Danny McBride and David Gordon Green. But there had been no new updates in two years, and it seemed like the concept had found itself in the garbage pail. However, the Happy Sad Confused podcast interview has now given hope that the cartoon is on its way.

The 2021 announcement made it sound like it was going to be a family-friendly show, flying in the face of the spirit of the characters. But that now seems to have changed, with Green going on to say “And we have some really cool ways we can make a pretty naughty animated show. We’ll see if they’ll have us on that one.”

There was no indication in the interview of when the show might hit our screens, and combining the backlog of content waiting to be made post-strike with the amount of time it takes to make an animated show, it’s probably going to be a couple of years from now.

But whether you’re a seasoned collector, a curious newcomer, or someone reminiscing about the good old days, the Garbage Pail Kids invite you to revisit a time when the weirdest trading cards ruled the playground and rebellion was as easy as opening a pack of chewy candies.

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Who was your favorite Garbage Pail Kid? Are you looking forward to the Garbage Pail Kids reboot? Are you happy pretending the 1987 movie never happened? Us too. Let us know your thoughts on it all in the comments down below, or on our social media.

SOURCE: Toonado, Happy Sad Confused

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