Ollie Akana may be awesome Blue Ranger but an awful boyfriend unworthy of Amelia. We have the evidence to back up this Power Rangers drama.
Power Rangers Dino Fury Ollie and Amelia 2

Whether you love him in Dino Fury or Cosmic Fury, there is no denying that Ollie Akana is one of the best Blue Power Rangers in the history of the franchise, but we’re not here to discuss that. We’re here to discuss why he is a terrible boyfriend. Amelia Jones, you can do better.

Now where do I even begin with this guy? From his arrogant personality to the numerous times he betrayed his team. I can list so many reasons why the Red Ranger needs to say Sayonara to the Blue Ranger and find someone who will treat her like the queen she is.

When Ollie Met Amelia

Power Rangers love at first fight

Boy meets girl, girl traps him in a net because she was hunting a ghost, they ended up finding a Power Ranger who was asleep for 65 million years, then they became Rangers themselves. It’s a tale as old as time.

The love story between Ollie and Amelia was as predictable as a Hallmark movie in the early days of Power Rangers Dino Fury. Cosmic Fury was something else altogether, in that regard it was as predictable as a Netflix teen drama.

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They may seem like an adorable young couple at first fighting aliens and whatnot but they can become exhausting to watch quickly. The progression from bickering teammates/friends who seemingly couldn’t stand each other to lovers with two instances of brainwashing in between made for some entertaining drama. During all that time while Amelia was being an absolute sweetheart, Ollie was being the absolute worst.

Power Rangers Deserve Love… Except Ollie

Ollie and Amelia

For someone wearing blue all the time, Ollie Akana has so many red flags. Where do I begin with this guy? His pompous personality, invasiveness, dismissive attitude, and neglectfulness towards his own mother five seconds after he gets a girlfriend are qualities one would deem undesirable. What Amelia sees in him, I do not know.

In Power Rangers Dino Fury season one episode 3, “The Lost Signal”, the rangers meet a psychic for her help, in an attempt to disprove the clairvoyant’s abilities Ollie pretends to be Amelia’s boyfriend. Of course, we all know how that turned out, but it’s worth mentioning because they weren’t together at the time, in fact, the fact they were barely even friends. I don’t know about you, but him pretending to be the boyfriend of a girl he barely knows is not okay, he also lost points for putting his finger on Amelia’s mouth. I’m pretty sure he did not wash his hands.

Ollie Akana Blue Ranger

Throughout Dino Fury, Ollie was constantly dismissing Amelia and doubting her in a highly condescending manner. I don’t know about you but that does not sound like supportive boyfriend material to me.

In Power Rangers Dino Fury season two episode, “Guilt Trip”, Ollie becomes unreliable and neglectful towards his very lovely single mother so that he can spend every waking moment with Amelia, who just became his girlfriend.

Dr. Akana has not only been a parent with the responsibilities of both a mother and a father, but a best friend to her one and only son, and he abandons her the moment he gets a girlfriend. One can say that he learned his lesson by the time the episode ends, but considering that Ollie has no friends outside of his Ranger team and that there are few women in his life what’s stopping him from leaving Amelia the moment another woman catches his eye?


Ollie and his daddy Zedd

From the beginning of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Ollie’s link to the Morphin was corrupted and he became Zedd’s evil Blue Ranger. His suit is wickedly awesome by the way but that’s beside the point. This isn’t the first time Ollie was under Zedd’s control as he was brainwashed in Dino Fury Season Two. I will excuse him for the first time as he was brainwashed, but not the second time because while his link to the Morphin Grid was corrupted I can’t honestly say that he was brainwashed.

In Dino Fury, Ollie was just a mindless zombie but in Cosmic Fury his thoughts and feelings were still his own. Zedd may have turned him evil, but he did not make him pledge his allegiance to him, say “I’m over you” to Amelia, or cut her face with his sword. All of that he did of his own volition. He may have redeemed himself after his original link to the Morphin Grid was destroyed, getting rid of Zedd’s evil influence, but the damage is already done.

The Red Ranger Can Do Better

Amelia Jones/Power Rangers Cosmic Fury
Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. Hunter Deno as Amelia in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. Cr. NETFLIX © 2023

Amelia is compassionate, confident, and cute, and yet out of all the people she can be with, she chooses to be with the snotty Ollie… She can do better. Aiyon, Zayto, Javi, or literally anyone else would be a better boyfriend to her than Ollie. He does not deserve her.

The people who think Amelia and Ollie are cute together are likely the ones who think the same for Joker and Harley Quinn.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Amelia and Ollie make a good couple? If you do I hope this article makes you realize why you’re wrong. I must admit, Ollie may be an awful boyfriend but he’s an awesome blue ranger. Is he one of your favorite blue Rangers? Let us know on Social Media, follow us for more Power Rangers content like this. We’re always watching.



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