BOONBOOMGER: Team Appearance and Toy Rumors Surface for Upcoming 48th Sentai Series

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger rumors on RangerBoard may reveal major appearance and feature details for the team, changers, and car series.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger rumors surface on RangerBoard as information about the series and toys have been revealed. The 48th Sentai series coming in 2024, has enabled fans to see the range of releases, with RangerBoard user Dukemon reporting the key details about the team. This includes the look of the Rangers, their Changers, and the new car series that features their robo line.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger was revealed as the 48th Super Sentai series to premiere after the current series, Ohsama Sentai KingOhger, concludes. The new series has been reported to include a vehicle theme, which will predominantly feature cars. The team is reported to feature a split group similar to Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger and Engine Sentai GoOnger as the Red, Blue, and Pink heroes will be joined by a Black and Orange members later in the series.

Boonboomger Update Reveals Features and Functions of the Sentai, Car Series, and Changers

RangerBoard has unleashed a new cluster of details about the 48th Sentai series as Dukemon potentially reveals major details. These include information on how the Rangers, mecha, and the changers appear, along with their gimmicks and use.

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Each member of the Sentai team as they include a tire on their face, with a visor for each member as a various shape. This includes a Ranger-colored visor shape such as a star, a “wonky” triangle, and V symbol for Red, Blue, and Pink respectively.

The Black and Orange members also revealed to have a significant difference compared to the main trio. Much like the others, they will also have a colored-visor that have been described as a ‘gauge kanji’ for Black and a gun-turret for Orange. Much like Hurricanger’s Gouraigers, they will also include armor on their left shoulder with a siren-esque motif for their design. It was also revealed the suits will feature a lot of white accents with their respective colors.

This team sounds like it will be very different compared to what fans may have seen before. However, the different elements included might also feel nostalgic as they seem to include similarities to both Ohranger and Kamen Rider Drive. It will be exciting to have two sets of designs in a team of 5, much like some previous Sentai teams before the 40th anniversary series.

Boonboomger Two Changers, Car Series & Main Robo 

The RangerBoard rumors also reveal the two different Changers belonging to the two groups in the team. The BoonBoom Changer is reported to be able to interact with the Car series mecha, which can be possible when the speedometer part is removed. It will also be able to attach to the new robo toy to give it sounds. The BoonBoomger ChangeAxe unique to Black and Orange will also include a speedometer, but will feature sirens on it like the design of its Rangers. 

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The rumors have also given significant details on the new robo and the car series mecha in regards to their appearance and gimmicks.

Details regarding the aesthetic of the BoonBoom Trailer are mentioned as it will form the head, body, inner arms and legs for the mecha. The rest are formed by the the BoonBoom cars, with BoonBoom Offroad able to form a gun and BoonBoom Wagon that can form a giant claw arm. The sets are also reported to unlock new formations, which gives the robo a new head/helmet as they swap out with the default two.  

This new line has the potential that a Memorial Edition may not be needed for a full-scale Changer. This might the case for the ChangeAxe but there are so many features that are going to be worth exploring when the whole wave is released.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger has yet to be officially revealed, but images are expected next week and before Christmas. The official images for the 48th Sentai are expected to be a poster, followed by the first wave of toys revealed shortly after. 

What do you think about the appearance and gimmick features for Boonboomger? Are you excited to see the 48th Sentai for the first time? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news and updates like this in the future.

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