DC – 4 Fascinating New Comics Available Jan. 23, 2024

A spotlight on several new DC Comics, from Power Girl to Green Arrow and beyond!
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DC Comics is publishing a swath of books this week. Make your reading selection easier by learning more about 4 great new comics here.

Green Arrow and Power Girl are both leading fantastic solo books that are very welcoming to new fans. Mary Marvel is teaming up with Wonder Girl in Amazons Attack, and Batman faces off against the Joker once again in The Brave and the Bold. Those are just the storylines spotlighted here, but there are new issues of Harley Quinn, Titans: Beast World, The Flash, and more coming out on Jan. 23, 2024, as well.

DC Comics Presents – Green Arrow #8

Green Arrow
Credit: DC Comics

THE EMERALD ARCHER VS…ONOMATOPOEIA?! Green Arrow hits the streets of Star City in search of a lost family member and runs into…Onomatopoeia?! After months of time-travel and space adventures, Oliver welcomes the more grounded adventure until BANG BANG BANG BANG!

To fans of DC television, Green Arrow is an iconic DC hero. Stephen Amell played Oliver Queen for 8 seasons of Arrow, flagship TV show of the interconnected “Arrowverse” franchise. To people who are familiar with the character but haven’t watched Arrow, Green Arrow is nothing more than DC’s version of Hawkeye, a wannabe super with a bow and arrow. Writer Joshua Williamson is scripting an incredible ongoing series right now which proves that there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.

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Williamson’s storytelling is fast-paced but thoughtful, and he characterizes Green Arrow and his family as likable but challenged. Green Arrow, Black Canary, Arsenal, and the rest of the team may not be as famous as the Bat-Family, but in this comic book, they are every bit as intriguing. Oliver Queen has been off fighting battles throughout space and time, but this week, he comes back to his home of Star City. Don’t miss his fight with Onomatopoeia in Green Arrow #8.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #9

Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Batman
Credit: DC Comics

Batman finally confronts The Joker in the brutal conclusion to “The Winning Card” by Tom King and Mitch Gerads! Aquaman faces down the Dominator threat at the bottom of the ocean in Gabriel Hardman’s epic final chapter! Hell comes to the Quad Cities in the conclusion of Kyle Starks and Fernando Pasarin’s “Wild Dog: Here Comes Trouble!” Eisner Award winner Bruno Redondo writes and illustrates a poignant tale of the Dark Knight!

Writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads are telling one of the scariest Joker stories of all time in Batman: Brave and the Bold. The comic book series is an anthology, with several short stories featured throughout. The stories often focus on Batman, but other characters and teams like Superman and StormWatch get the spotlight too. Some of the stories, such as Dan Mora’s fantastic cyberpunk short from the first issue, are self-contained, while others are told across several issues.

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold #9 features the 4th and final chapter of King and Gerad’s “The Winning Card”. The Joker is terrorizing Gotham, killing cops and frankly kicking Batman’s ass. Bruce was battered and beaten, but he won’t go down before going after the Clown with everything he’s got. Joker has these dead, soulless eyes in The Winning Card, eyes that compliment his grotesque smile perfectly. In other issue #9 stories, Aquaman faces off against the Dominator, and Bats stars in a story by an Eisner Award winner!

Amazons Attack #4

Amazons Attack, Yara Flor, Mary Marvel, Nubia
Credit: DC Comics

PRISON BREAK! Will Mary Marvel make it out alive as she struggles against waves of Belle Reve’s super-powered convicts? Meanwhile, the truth behind the golden apples reveals itself. Is the goddess of discord really to blame, or is there another mastermind pulling the strings?

Mary Marvel, Yara Flor (Wonder Girl), Nubia (Queen of the Amazons), and Faruka II (Queen of the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall) are an unconventional team of crime-fighters. Yara Flor is from the Esquecida tribe, (Amazons who live in the Amazon rainforest), Faruka is from the Egyptian tribe of Bana-Mighdall, with Nubia representing the Amazons of Themyscira. Mary Marvel is more associated with the Shazam family than the Amazons, but she still chooses to fight for justice and freedom with this group in Amazons Attack.

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The events of the ongoing Wonder Woman comic book series have turned the American people and government against Amazons of every kind. To make matters worse, an unknown threat (previously thought to be the Greek God Eris) is weaponizing the magical golden apples. Can Mary Marvel and these Amazonian heroes put an end to the madness before it’s too late?

Power Girl #5

Power Girl
Credit: DC Comics

CAN STREAKY THE SUPER-CAT SAVE METROPOLIS? The cat’s out of the bag—Streaky takes center stage in a hair-raising adventure! Will the super-pet have what it takes to save Metropolis from its greatest canine threat? Or has the city really gone to the dogs?

Power Girl is an alternate-reality variant of Supergirl. Power Girl is also the Kryptonian cousin of Kal-El/Superman, just like Supergirl, but there are many differences between the heroes. Power Girl is older, more aggressive, and less associated with Superman’s brand. Power Girl hails from a different timeline originally (typically Earth-2), but she eventually ends up in the primary reality of the DC Universe.

Power Girl is best friends with Lilith Clay, the psychic superhero known as Omen, and their heartwarming relationship should be cherished. In her new series from writer Leah Williams, Power Girl is trying to work through trauma, find her footing as a hero, and take care of a super-cat. Power Girl is now the proud owner of Streaky the Super-Cat, a cat with powers formerly owned by Supergirl. Streaky will take center stage in the upcoming 5th issue, which should be a fun change in pace from the emotional, dramatic primary storyline of Power Girl.

You can find these exciting new issues digitally or at your local comic book shop.

Which new books from DC Comics will you be reading this week? Let us know your thoughts on social media, and thanks for reading! We are always watching.



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