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DC Comics publishes many thrilling new stories every Tuesday. With so many incredible issues to choose from, narrowing down your pull list can be challenging.

Having many options for reading material is great, but no one has time to read every new issue. To make your selection easier, here is a list of 5 promising new DC comics coming out on Jan. 9, 2024.

DC Comics Present – Batman and Robin #5

Batman and Robin, Batman & Robin, Damian Wayne, DC, DC Comics

Batman works with White Rabbit to track down the new femme fatale Shush while his son, Damian, hunts down the criminal mastermind who is targeting his father! But Damian won’t like who he finds! Don’t miss out on the shocking ending!

Writer Joshua Williamson is telling a classic Batman story here, elegant in its simplicity. His characterization is top-notch, his pacing is tight, and the story is complemented perfectly with illustrations from artists like Simone Di Meo and Nikola Cismesija. Batman and Robin Vol. 3, #5 brings the first arc of this ongoing series to a close.

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Damian Wayne is funny and likable throughout this run, while still maintaining his razor-sharp edge. Bruce Wayne is also in his element in this series. He is a distinctly human father who attempts to serve Damian as both father and partner in crime-fighting. He’s not perfect in either role, but you admire him for trying as hard as he does.

The first four issues followed Dynamic Duo’s fight against Man-Bat, White Rabbit, and Shush (a new female variation of Hush). Damian had been pushing back against Bruce’s orders for him to enroll in high school, but at the end of the last issue, the Boy Wonder was singing a different tune. Upon realizing that the principal of his school is both Shush and a former League of Assassins mentor, Damian prepares for class with joy.

Green Lantern #7

Green Lantern, DC, Hal Jordan, DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

After his explosive confrontation with Sinestro, Green Lantern is confronted by the United Planets Lanterns for illegally operating within the quarantine zone, and the mystery of what took place on Korugar is finally revealed!

Green Lantern Hal Jordan has a mysterious, powerful new ring that is bonded to him alone. This ring can change the color of its constructs, it can simultaneously create multiple constructs that operate independently, and it can create a giant mech suit. As Jordan goes full Gundam Mode in Green Lantern #6, his fight with Sinestro heats up.

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Sinestro is now using the power of the Red Lanterns, who are powered by rage instead of will or fear. His anger manifests in the form of a giant crimson Kaiju. Green Lantern pilots his Zord to victory and slays the beast, but Sinestro escapes without being apprehended. Afterward, we learn that Jordan’s friend Kilowog died on the planet Korugar, a tragedy that will be explored in the upcoming Green Lantern #7.

Outsiders #3

DC, DC Comics, Outsiders, The Outsiders
Credit: DC Comics

Only two things are certain about the mysterious door that has appeared in the Outsiders’ ship. The first? It was opened by the Drummer, using a set of Multiversal coordinates discovered in a dream. The second? Their computers have identified it only as a “narrative singularity.” For most, to step through such a door would be unthinkable, even insane—which makes it a perfect mission for the Outsiders! As Kate Kane and Luke Fox venture into the unknown reaches of the Multiverse, they will fall deeper and deeper into a maze of darkness, guided by unfamiliar versions of familiar faces. What is this strange world they’ve discovered? How are they connected to it? And who is lurking in the shadows, ready to destroy it all?

The Outsiders is a fantastic read that explores the wildest corners of the DC Universe. Batwing/Luke Fox teamed up with Batwoman/Kate Kane and a metahuman named Drummer to form this version of The Outsiders. Drummer has the ability to literally read history, making her the world’s greatest archaeologist. In Outsiders Vol. 5 #2, our heroes ventured into an unexplained oceanic storm that has been raging for several decades. In the center of the storm, Kate discovered an adolescent sea monster in a graveyard of its ancestors.

 In the upcoming third issue of this series, the trio will walk bravely through a mysterious door. What lies on the other side? The impossible staircases on the cover art suggest a location like the Tower of Fate, Doctor Fate’s mystical lair. With Doctor Hate currently playing a big role in the Beast Wars event, perhaps this issue will explore his domain. Whatever this “narrative singularity” is, the Outsiders will surely tackle it with intelligence and bravery. 

Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #4

Sandman, The Sandman, Wesley Dodds, DC, DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Trapped in a dream by his own sleep gas, Wesley Dodds comes face-to-face with his worst nightmare. Can he escape his own dark dream, and will it be in time to stop the Fog’s next move?!

In Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #3, the titular hero fought his new supervillain, “The Fog”. At the end of the issue, The Sandman’s sleeping gas was turned on him. That twist set up a dreamlike, ethereal fourth issue. Writer Robert Venditti has treated this series as more of a traditional mystery so far, only teasing Sandman’s connection to the dreaming world. But things are about to change.


The preview pages for Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #4 showcase a sequence that is more like visions of the past and future colliding than a normal dream. Wesley’s sleeping gas does more to its victims than put them to rest – it sends their minds on a journey through space and time. Where will The Sandman’s dream take him?

Titans: Beast World #4

Titans, Titans: Beast World, DC, DC Comics, Peacemaker, Amanda Waller
Credit: DC Comics

With the greatest minds and killers of the DCU at her disposal, Amanda Waller unleashes her malevolent master plan to remake the world in her image. With the Titans off the board, do the beasts stand a chance? The Wall’s hunt begins here!

Beast World is a really strange event, even in a franchise known for those. In this crossover, Beast Boy became a version of Starro the Conqueror, known as Garro. As a giant starfish alien with a hive mind, he fought off the Necrostar. But Amanda Waller changed the game by dispatching Doctor Hate, who put a spell on Beast Boy which made him lose his mind. Garro the Conqueror then unleashed a legion of infectious spores that turn human & metahuman hosts into animal-human hybrids. In Titans: Beast World #3, Amanda Waller, head of the Suicide Squad/Task Force X revealed her insidious plan to turn the world against its heroes.

By turning heroes into animals, Waller hopes to get the rest of mankind to see them as she does. Furthermore, she plans to team up with Lex Luthor and kill Beast Boy. If she can stop the chaos caused by Beast Boy, Amanda could become a savior to the public who are unaware that she orchestrated the catastrophe. Her plan, while bizarre and unhinged, actually makes a lot of sense. But since it hinges on the death of Beast Boy, something the Titans are unlikely to permit, Waller’s scheme may fizzle.

Batman & Robin offers a wholesome father-and-son caper. Green Lantern brings high-octane action to the table, and Outsiders delivers on compelling case-of-the-week mystery. The Sandman keeps the New Golden Age of DC moving forward, and Beast World dives into the psyche of Amanda Waller. Each comic brings a distinct flavor to the table, adding to the colorful tapestry of the DC Universe.

Which upcoming DC Comics story are you most excited about? Let us know your thoughts on social media, and thanks for reading! We are always watching.



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