KARATE KID: Sadie Stanley Cast As The Love Interest In The 2024 Movie

Sadie Stantley has been cast as the new Karate Kid's leading lady in the upcoming movie.
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Sadie Stanley has joined the cast of Sony’s upcoming Karate Kid movie.

You may have seen her on Freeform’s Cruel Summer as a girl with a dark secret, or ABC’s The Goldbergs as one of Adam Goldberg’s leading ladies, but now you will see her as the new Karate Kid’s leading lady.

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She will be joining Ben Wang, the new Karate Kid on the Block, franchise legends Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio, and Joshua Jackson, the real star of Dawson’s Creek.

A Hidden Karate Kid Story

The Karate Kid Film

Most of the plot details are heavily guarded in Sony’s vault, however, the film will revolve around Wang’s character as he moves from China to the East Coast and discovers his full potential in Karate with the guidance of one or two familiar masters in the way of the craft. In other words, expect to see him learn how to “wax on, wax off”, and “put it on, take it off, and hang it up”.

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Excluding Chan and Macchio the character details are unknown, though it has been reported that Stanley is playing Jackson’s daughter.

The Crew Behind The Movie


Karate Kid is being directed by Jonathan Entwistle, known for his Netflix teen dramas, I Am Not Okay With This, and The End of The F***ing World. The script was penned by Rob Lieber, Sony’s Peter Rabbit, and Disney’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day. Karen Rosenfelt is producing the film.

The new Karate Kid movie is currently scheduled to be released on December 13th, 2024.

Sadie Stanley Goldbergs

Sadie Stanley is an up-and-coming actor who deserves to have her potential realized. We touched on some of her TV roles, but she is steadily climbing to the top with roles in films such as Somewhere in Queens, Let Us In, and At The Gates. She’s a valuable addition to the Karate Kid cast and we can look forward to seeing what she has to offer.

What are your thoughts? How excited are you for this film? Let us know on social media. Stay tuned for updates.

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