New Live-action TEEN TITANS Movie Is A Go!

A live-action Teen Titans movie is in development in the DCU!
Teen Titans DCAU

When there’s trouble James Gunn knows who to call, Teen Titans! At DC Studios they can entertain us all.

Scooper r/DCULeaks first made the revelation on Twitter. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed it, also revealing that Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow’s Ana Nogueira will write the script.

All we know thus far is that it’s set in the DCU and will most likely follow Damian Wayne’s team. There are no plot details at this time.

The Legacy of The Teen Titans

Teen Titans Legacy

The Teen Titans tower over many iconic young heroes in DC and beyond. The team may not be older than DC’s Legion of Superheroes unless you consider time travel but their popularity and influence surpasses them tenfold.

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The Titans have been around long before we had Marvel’s Young Avengers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, or even The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Teen Titans made their debut in 1964, comprising sidekicks: Dick Grayson/Robin, Roy Harper/Speedy, Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, and Wally West/Kid Flash. As the years went by the team expanded and evolved. Dick Grayson grew up to become Nightwing and several fan favorites such as Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy came into the picture.

The team continued to evolve and eventually, following Jason Todd and Tim Drake, Robin’s mantle was passed to Bruce Wayne’s biological son Damian, the most recent leader of the team.

The Son of a Bat

Damian Wayne Teen Titans

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As mentioned earlier Damian is Batman’s son, his mother is Talia Al Ghul. Damian is a complex character, while he’s adored by many, he’s widely despised for his arrogant personality and radical mindset due to his Grandfather’s tutelage. However, it makes sense for the Teen Titans movie to focus on Damian and the team, given that this is set in James Gunn’s DCU and there’s the Brave and The Bold film around the corner.

Audiences be meeting Damian in The Brave and The Bold so it will be a natural transition to have him in the Teen Titans movie.

Teen Titans animated series

How excited are you to see a live-action Teen Titans movie? Who do you want to see on the team? Let us know on social media. Follow us for updates. We’re always watching.

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