Void Knight’s Mysterious Origins Teased In Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 1

Power Rangers Dino Fury is finally here and it has introduced us to the series’ latest villain, Void Knight. The villain seems to have some mysterious origins teased in the first episode. In the episode, when Zayto confronts Void Knight, he asks him where he stole the armor. Void Knight replies, “Doesn’t matter, it’s mine […]

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 1 Review: Destination Dinohenge

Power Rangers is officially back with Power Rangers Dino Fury, and it comes back in morphenomenal fashion with “Destination Dinohenge”! Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 1: “Destination Dinohenge” The episode introduces us to three of the new Rangers Zayto, Amelia, and Ollie; the Red, Pink, and Blue Rangers respectively. Amelia and Ollie both meet in […]

Power Rangers Dino Fury Release Date and Episode Descriptions Revealed

The fans have been waiting and now the time is almost here! New cable listings have confirmed that Power Rangers Dino Fury will be premiering on February 20th, 2021! With this also comes episode descriptions for the first two episodes of Power Rangers Dino Fury: Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 1 – Destination Dinohenge Official […]