EA and Marvel Agree To 3-Game Deal To Make Video Games Starting With Iron Man

Electronic Arts

Fans who have been craving new AAA video games based on the Marvel Universe are in luck. On Monday (Oct. 31), gaming publisher Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) announced a collaboration with Marvel Entertainment. The new long-term pact will see EA develop and release three new action-adventure Marvel games that will be released later on for consoles and PC.

Is Tony Stark The 7th Illuminati Member in Doctor Strange 2?

tony stark 838 thumbnail

According to an interview with Empire, Tony Stark was the one responsible for the creation of Ultron on Earth-838. This reality was one of several focused on in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. On Earth-838, we were introduced to The Illuminati, a team of powerful and genius heroes who protected their reality.  Watch The […]