Masi Oka Wants A Spies In Disguise Funko Pop

Masi Oka is so proud of his role in Spies In Disguise that he's requesting a sequel, as well as a Funko Pop doll to go along with it.
masi oka spies in disguise funko

Masi Oka has clearly had plenty of fun embodying a Bond villain in the recent Blue Sky Studios animated film, Spies In Disguise. So much fun that he’s not done with the character of Kimura quite yet. During the press conference, the Heroes star petitioned for a sequel in order to achieve a very specific goal.

While Spies In Disguise couldn’t topple Star Wars at the box office – and I’m sure no one expected it to – the film has been getting some great buzz from audiences and critics alike. Masi Oka in particular was a standout for his improvisational ability when facing off against the likes of Will Smith and Tom Holland. And the actor would like a Funko as a reward.

Masi Oka Petitions The Masses

masi oka in spies in disguise

When a reporter presented a Pop doll, Masi Oka had this to say:

“That’s not our Funko, though… We need to make this a huge success, so the sequel will have a Funko.”

And why not? Merchandising is a great way to keep a film’s legacy going, and perhaps Spies In Disguise will make enough in its run to justify both a sequel and a fabulous line of toys.

Do you agree with Masi Oka? What would you like to see as the plot of Spies In Disguise 2? Let us know which characters you think should get Funko Pops first in the comments below.


Tatiana Hullender

Tatiana Hullender

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