U.S. Agent Triggers Fans With New Set Photo from Falcon And The Winter Soldier

New pictures from the set of Falcon and the Winter Soldier show the U.S. Agent in full costume, sporting Captain America's shield.
US Agent Concept Art

U.S. Agent is recently spotted in full costume, while sporting Captain America’s signature shield on the set of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is moving into unknown territory in their new phase of filmmaking with multiple projects continually making headlines. The Eternals has begun to capture the imagination of unwitting fans, the Doctor Strange sequel has lost its director, while familiar faces, like Ant-Man and Deadpool, are quietly preparing the third chapters in their respective trilogies, it’s easy to forget how much storytelling is in the works for the streaming side. Now that Disney+ has launched and given audiences and critics a glimpse of its potential, Marvel intends to take things to the next level.

There are no less than three shows currently in production that are sure to amaze fans in the near future. Loki, WandaVision, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The latter intends to build on the story and tense friendship between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, played by Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan respectively. The series also stars Daniel Bruhl, who returns as Baron Zemo, the mastermind who crippled the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War.

In recent weeks fans have gotten their looks at the Falcon and the Winter Soldier production via on-location filming. However, today we get the first confirmation of where this series’ story line may take viewers in the show’s first season. Curious onlookers snapped a series of pictures on the set of Falcon and the Winter Soldier and now we get our first look at Wyatt Russell as U.S. Agent in full costume:

U.S. Agent Waves Captain America's Shield

U.S. Agent to Carry a Heavy Shield

U.S. Agent is pictured waving to the public at a Department of Defense function. It recalls Captain America’s early days doing U.S.O. appearances in The First Avenger to hype up the troops. However, the most glaring detail in the on-set photo is the reveal of U.S. Agent wielding Cap’s trademark shield. This immediately brings to mind the story line in the comics which centered around a political and physical battle over who would inherit the mantle of Captain America.

In the comics, U.S. Agent who is also known as John Walker, is a military veteran who gets his powers via a shady black market operation. He goes on to become the unhinged vigilante know as Super Patriot. Through a series of events, he eventually gains the trust of the public before going on to wear the Captain America uniform.

There’s also a history of tension as there were more capable successors to the mantle, such as Nick Fury or Sam Wilson, but were passed over due to their race. It seems that the show has the opportunity to address this comic subplot head on. If so, Marvel has the chance to transcend the material in many of the same ways that Marvel Comics has in the past and with other shows, such as HBO’s Watchmen, has in the present.

A big part of the excitement over the new Marvel shows on Disney+ is how they will ultimately affect the films we see in the theaters. The show should leave the lead characters with new perspectives and rank after the events of the first season. Ultimately, we can expect to discover how Wilson earns his place as a prime member of whatever incarnation the Avengers takes on in the future. We can’t wait to see what is coming next from this new series.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Poster

Falcon and the WInter Soldier is expected to premiere on Disney+ in the second half of 2020. What do you think of U.S. Agent carrying the shield? Let us know below in the comments and on social media!

Source: Page Six


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