Ms Marvel New Shooting Start And Larger Presence For Kamala Khan In The MCU: EXCLUSIVE

Ms Marvel has changed its shooting dates, and the time commitment for its lead may point to a larger role for the character in the MCU.
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Ms Marvel is prepping to film later this year for Disney+. Keen eyes at The Illuminerdi have noticed that the shooting date has shifted, while Marvel Studios is also looking to lock in a year of the new Ms. Marvel’s schedule.

At yesterday’s Super Bowl, eager Marvel fans were given their first look at the future of the Marvel Cinematic with a brief commercial for Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, and WandaVision for Disney+. The brief 30-second spot introduced millions to the new cinematic adventures from Marvel that will be only found on the burgeoning streaming service.


Last year, Marvel head Kevin Feige announced a slate of new shows coming to the Disney+ service, featuring Marvel Comics’ characters both young and old. Properties such as She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms Marvel, are the second wave of series soon to come and they all are in the midst of meticulous pre-production work. The first of those to shoot will be the aforementioned Ms. Marvel, and we have an interesting lead on that show’s star character.

Ms Marvel Shooting Start and Availability

The casting of the leads of all the new shows is crucial, because they are all expected to be able to take the leap to the big-screen eventually. Secondly, this project will be a huge step forward for cultural representation, as it will feature not only a female superhero of color, but also Marvel’s – and Hollywood’s – first Muslim superhero. So, there surely has to be a lot of thought going into the casting process. Interestingly, one of our sources close to the project let us know that whoever is being cast has to be available to film between July 2020 and June 2021.

According to a report late last year, Ms. Marvel was thought to start shooting in April of this year. It seems that’s no longer the case, as the shooting start date is now slated for the month of August. More importantly, the Ms. Marvel shoot is only expected to last about four months. So, there is still about eight months of unaccounted time.

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“I’m on my way.”

A new screenwriter was recently revealed for Captain Marvel 2 ,and THR reported that the film is aiming for a 2022 release date. If that is the case, the film would certainly have to be shooting within that window. You have to look no farther than the pages of Marvel Comics to find the connection between the two characters. Additionally, that is where Kamala Khan gets the inspiration for her own name, so it checks that narrative and canon box as well.

Feature films typically only shoot for about three months, so there is still enough time for yet another Marvel project at the end of her first year contract. The safe bet would be that is the window being held open for a second season of Ms. Marvel, provided the first season is a success.


However, if we speculate even further, could Ms. Marvel’s availability be held for open for another franchise or even a new team-up film or mini-series, such as Young Avengers? Honestly, we don’t know what the future plans for Ms. Marvel are, but it’s clear that her availability is being held open and we can expect to see a lot from the character in the coming years.

What future projects do you think Marvel is considering placing Kamala Khan in over the next year? Would you like to see her in Captain Marvel 2? Would you prefer to see Young Avengers on the big or small screen? Let’s talk about all things Ms Marvel in the comment section and on our social media.


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