New Details On She-Hulk’s Superheroic Legal Profession & More Cast Members Revealed: EXCLUSIVE

The Illuminerdi has the scoop on She-Hulk's supporting cast members, as well as new details on her profession in the upcoming Disney+ MCU show.
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The Illuminerdi has uncovered new story details about She-Hulk’s day job and supporting cast, which sheds new light on the upcoming Disney+ series.

You can tell when a project just has that intangible buzz that gets fans watching its every step. Marvel Studios has built an empire by harnessing and generating that type of hype at the box-office, but now they are also focusing on the small screen. By the looks of it, their upcoming show She-Hulk show for Disney+ is the next one to watch.


As we reported earlier, the show is still locked in for an August through March 2021 shoot in Atlanta, Georgia. The series is slated for a six-episode shoot, which aligns with other Marvel projects in production for Disney+. We also shared the comedic type that they were hoping to cast in the lead role and recently Alison Brie has caught a windfall of attention for the role. While that casting process is playing out, we wanted to find out what other story elements and characters will be supporting Jennifer Walter’s journey through the first season.

She-Hulk’s Day Job

While we still haven’t been able to nail down who the antagonist of the show is, we did find out more about Walter’s day job. As we reported earlier, she will still be a lawyer, as per her comic book roots. However, in the logline for the show she is described as being successful in her profession and specifically seeking cases in superheroic law. Furthermore, the description goes on to state that she occasionally throws down in superhero battles as the She-Hulk.

She-Hulk Lawyer Jennifer Walters

One of the mysteries of the She-Hulk show is how they will portray the Hulk side of her persona. In the comics, Walters is generally always in Hulk form while maintaining her complete consciousness as Jennifer, a la Bruce Banner in Avengers: Endgame. However, there have been storylines where she’s primarily in her human form and transforms when needed or prompted, particularly during her early run in the comics.

Unless they are going with practical makeup, it’s hard to envision an entire series with her Hulked out – even when taking into account the feature film-level budgets that Marvel has been allocating to their Disney+ projects. This will be one for you to speculate about for the time being and one for us to investigate further…


Additionally, Walters’ focus in cases pertaining to superhero law is equally as intriguing as her own heroics, if not moreso. Captain America: Civil War introduced the real world political and legal ramifications of being a superpowered vigilante, in the form of the Sokovia Accords. A set of legislation that required superheroes to register and become agents of the government, which bitterly divided the Avengers. It was an effort spearheaded by Thunderbolt Ross, played by William Hurt, whose presence is expected to continue everywhere from Disney+ shows to this summer’s Black Widow. Walter’s day job could give yet another layer of insight into the politics and the near future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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