Superman And Lois Gets Straight To Series Fast Track Despite Outbreak Concerns

Despite Hollywood seemingly shutting down, it looks like the Superman and Lois is flying into production.

Despite Hollywood seemingly shutting down, it looks like the Superman and Lois is flying into production.

With the COVID-10 outbreak striking the hearts of billions, including the finance and entertainment world, it’s nice to see a positive spin on the pandemic. It looks like new shows that are beginning to reach pilot status are getting the boost to full series production. One of the shows is CW’s newest spin-off from the Arrowverse, Superman and Lois.


In a recent report from Deadline, it was explained that the show could enter production as soon as the delays from the coronavirus comes to a end.

They go on to explain “A number of them, including Call Me Kat, The Big Sky and Superman & Lois, were planning to film a pilot episode during pilot season, take a break to assess it before starting series production,” the report notes. “I hear most of the shows will now go straight to series production.”

Superman & Lois

This is a potential huge step forward from the last news we heard about the show. Actress Elizabeth Tulloch, who plays Lois Lane, went on social media last week and shared a cover of the pilot script that was set to be produced later on in the month. But with the virus halting production on shows like, The Flash and Riverdale, this may not play out as planned.

What About Other Shows Besides Superman and Lois?

While this news may be good for fans, there is also some major negatives to prep for. The report mentions that shows that had solid or on the bubble series orders, may be in an advantageous position. While there’s a chance that the networks may decide not to green light many new pilots and projects, as the time of production delays grows.


If the eight week mark is met, then the networks can bow out of the contracts thanks to the “Force Majoure” clause and not have to pay any type of penalties. From all of this, it could be that the shows that are on the bubble are the ones that during this uncertainty gain more, as the shows look more attractive to the networks.

What do you think of all this? Will Superman and Lois make it to our TV screens this Fall? Stay with The Illuminerdi for more news and content.

Source: Deadline


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