Daniel Dae Kim Announces His COVID-19 Diagnosis

Daniel Dae Kim, from Lost and Hawaii Five-0, explained his COVID-19 diagnosis and testing on an informative Instagram video.
daniel dae kim coronavirus

Former Lost and Hawaii Five-0 actor Daniel Dae Kim was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, which he stated on his Instagram:

He shared his experiences in a 10 minute Instagram TV video with his fans.


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In the post, Kim explains that he flew back home to Hawaii to meet his family. On the flight, he began experiencing symptoms consistent with a Coronavirus infection, so he self-quarantined himself in his home before going to a drive-thru testing facility that was recently established in his city.

Kim went on to praise the healthcare workers who provided aid to him throughout this process. He then stressed that racist name calling, including labeling the virus as the “Chinese Virus,” is an unnecessary distinction that is only meant to further divide between people during a difficult time.

The actor is known for his roles in: Lost, Hawaii Five-0 and Hellboy: Call of Darkness.

The Illuminerdi wishes him all the best and a fast recovery.


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