Cassian Andor Synopsis Reveal Promises An “Espionage” Based Star Wars Series: EXCLUSIVE

The Illuminerdi has uncovered the synopsis for the new Cassian Andor led TV series set in the Star Wars universe, coming to Disney Plus.

The Illuminerdi has uncovered the synopsis for the new Cassian Andor led TV series set in the Star Wars universe, coming to Disney+.

A new Star Wars movie won’t be arriving to theaters for some time, but LucasFilm has enough streaming content on the way to fill an AT-AT. Disney+ already had a successful launch of The Mandalorian, along with the return of the animated series, The Clone Wars. The Obi-Wan series is being re-written behind the scenes, while the next show in line for the spotlight is the still untitled Cassian Andor series.


We have been able to learn a lot about this project as it works through the pre-production phase. We have reported on the series following Cassian from a youth based on character descriptions, as well as a brand new lead coming to the show.

Before the Earth stood still, the production was intending to shoot in London from June until December of this year. However, it’s unforeseen how or when filming on any project will begin in the near future. Much less how the studio’s space will be affected by other displaced films. In any case, we have gotten our eyes on a juicy morsel to keep our imaginations engaged for the new chapter in the Star Wars universe until cameras begin rolling. Check out the logline for the upcoming Cassian Andor series.

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

Cassian Andor Synopsis

Follows the adventures of Rebel spy Cassian Andor during the formative years of the Rebellion and prior to the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Diego Luna will reprise the role of Andor, which he originated in the 2016 film. The rousing spy thriller will explore tales filled with espionage and daring missions to restore hope to a galaxy in the grip of a ruthless Empire.

While there isn’t much plot detail in the description of the show’s story, it does seem to be focused on the elements of spying and espionage. Watching Cassian Andor get in over his head could provide great home entertainment and story opportunities. Who doesn’t like to see a hero infiltrating enemy lines and using their wits, and occasional blasters, to survive?

The spy elements found in Rogue One differentiated that chapter from the rest of the live-action Star Wars installments. The bend in genre conventions also led to a slightly more mature tone as well. With a name like Cassian Andor, it’s easy to envision a swashbuckling Disney Plus series, whose stories revolve around reconnaissance and subterfuge.


With so many shows in flux, it seems Disney+ is coming at just the right time with another solid production to look forward to. The service is looking to beef up its offerings this year, and the Cassian Andor show seems as though it has the chance to take the winning baton from The Mandalorian and keep hope alive in the Star Wars galaxy.

The Cassian Andor series is expected to debut in 2021 or 2022 on Disney+. What do you think about the direction of the show? Let us know in the comment section or on our social media. Make sure to bookmark The Illuminerdi for all the latest movie and TV news.


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