Agents Of SHIELD Season 7 Finally Has A Release Date

Agents of SHIELD will debut its final season soon - but how soon? Well, thankfully, Marvel has given us some new info regarding the season premiere.
Agents of SHIELD

The end of ABC and Marvel Studios’ long-running Agents Of SHIELD TV series will finally bring to a close the era of Marvel’s ultimately unsuccessful expansion into the world of television. But despite its consistently low ratings and small audience, Agents Of SHIELD has somehow survived – and, on the long road to the upcoming seventh and final season, has developed into some of the best superhero content that TV has to offer.

The series boasts a tightly-knit fanbase that has become deeply invested in the stories of the unfortunate agents, who had the entire premise of their series turned upside-down in their first season. It was a bold move that ultimately benefited the show by throwing the SHIELD team into the middle of an unpredictable and constantly evolving situation. Now, their days of super-spying have come to an end, as the final season has been given an official release date and a brand new teaser.


Over the years, the Agents of SHIELD have crossed paths with the Kree (long before the warmongering alien race ever appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe); averted the end of the world on a number of occasions without much help from the Avengers (though Lady Sif, Nick Fury and Maria Hill did stop by for a few cameos in the series’ early days); and most recently were forced to sidestep a dangerous situation by going back in time to the 1940’s, where they will witness the rise of SHIELD in real-time, and – potentially – play a part in its creation, in a move similar to the actions taken by the MCU heroes in Avengers: Endgame.

The final season of the series will also, coincidentally, premiere on ABC exactly one year and one month since Endgame‘s release, on May 27. Until then, we can always watch this brief new teaser that Marvel has given us, which highlights the return of Clark Gregg’s fan-favorite character Phil Coulson. This time he has been resurrected as some sort of helpful AI, whose mission it will be to guide the SHIELD team on their journey to the past.


Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD

Agents Of SHIELD initially started out as part of MCU canon, but has slowly but surely distanced itself from the cinematic universe in recent years – as evidenced by the way that none of the major events of Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers: Endgame were mentioned, much less depicted, on the show. But the series could find a way to become very nearly MCU-adjacent in its final season, as the SHIELD team travels through Marvel history on a quest to save SHIELD from itself.

There’s a strong possibility that Hayley Atwell, who played SHIELD founder Peggy Carter in both the Marvel films and on ABC’s short-lived Agent Carter series, will reprise her role in this upcoming season. While this would likely have little or no impact on the MCU, one last crossover between the two Marvel TV series would certainly help to ease the pain of both series’ cancellations.

What do you think of the new release date? Are you excited to see the SHIELD team back in action, one last time? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.


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