Schitt’s Creek’s Emily Hampshire’s Spider-Woman And She-Hulk Confession: “I Would Be So into that”

Emily Hampshire isn't shy about her desire to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as either Spider-Woman or She-Hulk.
Emily Hampshire Spider-Woman

Emily Hampshire known for Syfy’s 12 Monkeys and Pop’s Schitt’s Creek is interested in joining the ranks of Marvel superheroes, be it on the big or small screen. Hampshire has shown interest in suiting up in the past, when she commented on a Tweet where a fan suggested she would be perfect for the role of Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman. 

In a recent interview with, Hampshire was asked about her apparent interest in the role. “I would love to do that. I didn’t know where that [Tweet] came from, but wherever it came from, I agree and I like it. I would be just good at it. I would be so into that.” This could be perfect timing seeing as Sony has a Spider-Woman movie in the works and has already shown interest in Michelle McLaren as director. 

Emily Hampshire Knows What She Wants

If Spider-Woman isn’t going to happen, Hampshire had another suggestion of which Marvel hero she could bring to life on screen. 

“The only other one I can think of is – I’d be very into playing She-Hulk,” Hampshire stated. “I know that’s happening, I’ve been hearing something about that. I didn’t realize that – I looked up the comic book and I didn’t realize she was such a… You think of She-Hulk and muscles and stuff, but the person who’s behind it is just such a cool character.”

Again, the timing of this is likely no mistake as Marvel’s She-Hulk will be coming to Disney+ for an initial six-episode run. Hampshire taking the time to look at the comics is a smart call as it looks like the series will be inspired by the comics for Jennifer Walter, aka She-Hulk’s, origin story. She-Hulk will be following Jennifer Walters, a successful defense attorney and cousin of Bruce Banner, the Hulk. Walters will gain her abilities after receiving a blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner, to save her life. 


Rumors spread that Marvel has been looking for an Alison Brie type. This is likely because they are looking for an actress with comedic chops and, if the series is a success, She-Hulk will probably be making her way to the big screen also. Brie, who is well known for her roles on CommunityMad Men, and GLOWreacted to the flood of fan support on social media in an interview with James Cordon.

Emily Hampshire Schitt's Creek

Emily Hampshire would be an interesting choice and given her five seasons on Schitt’s Creek, comedy is clearly in her wheelhouse. Hampshire’s desire to play a superhero has led her to do her research as she pitches two heroines who have upcoming projects centered around them. 

By throwing her hat in the ring now, she could potentially generate some more buzz with fans on social media which could help her gain attention as a possible actress for either Spider-Woman or She-HulkSpider-Woman will help fill out the Sony’s Marvel Universe which already has Venom and will soon add Morbius as well. Sony’s Marvel Universe could also potentially cross over with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from the MCU. 


Fans are eagerly awaiting the She-Hulk series on Disney+ and if the series is successful it looks like Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, is queued up to become one of the new Avengers after the loss of a number of members in Avengers: Endgame. This would not be the first Marvel Disney+ series to crossover with the Marvel films as WandaVisionHawkeyeLokiand The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, will as well. 

Hampshire’s interest in playing a comic book character on the big or small screen seems to be focused on the two Marvel heroines for now. However, if neither of those work out, Hampshire’s desire to suit up presumably won’t end with them.  

“… I’d just love to play a comic book character. I think that would be the coolest thing.”

Do you think Emily Hampshire would make a good Spider-Woman? How about She-Hulk? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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