Regina Hall In Talks For Kenya Barris’ Cheaper By The Dozen Reboot For Disney Plus: EXCLUSIVE

An offer has been made to actress Regina Hall to star in Kenya Barris' reboot of Cheaper by the Dozen for Disney Plus.
Cheaper By the Dozen Regina Hall

Girls Trip actress Regina Hall has been in talks to star in Kenya Barris’ reboot of Cheaper by the Dozen for Disney Plus.

A couple of months ago, we reported on the new reboot of Cheaper By The Dozen, to be co-written and produced by Kenya Barris (BlackAF, Blackish). The reboot looks to center on an interracial relationship and their huge family together made up of their children with each other, step-children, and adopted kids.


Since that time, we have learned a little more about the story and how the casting has been progressing, at least up until a few weeks ago. Principal photography was originally slated to begin in June or July in Los Angeles. The main cast is not solidified, but we were able to ascertain who Barris wants as one of the leads of the Cheaper by the Dozen household.

Regina Hall in Cheaper By The Dozen Reboot?

Regina Hall is in negotiations to join the Cheaper by the Dozen reboot in the lead role of Zoey Baker.

Kenya Barris’ remake looks to reinvent the Cheaper by the Dozen formula in more than one way. While the 2003 film focused on Steve Martin’s Tom Baker, Hall will be the one dealing with the chaos caused by their brood of children.

The new Tom Baker is still uncast, though they are in search of Caucasian male in the 40 to 43 year-old age range. In the new Cheaper by the Dozen story, Tom starts off working at a diner and ultimately takes it over after meeting Zoey. The couple struggle with bills and their growing family when his diner is bought out and franchised. Tom moves his culturally mixed family into the suburbs, which offers its own set of challenges. Adding to the stress, Tom is then forced into endless business trips to sell his special sauce and find new franchising opportunities on the road, leaving Zoey to deal with the comedic madness at home.

Cheaper By The Dozen Regina Hall in Talks


The talks make sense because Barris and Hall have collaborated previously on the 2017 smash-hit Girls Trip, which Barris also scripted. Hall headlined the comedy that was produced for $31 million dollars and went on to gross over $115 million dollars domestically. Additionally, she appeared in Barris’ Shaft sequel and as a recurring character on Blackish. So, it’s clear that they have creative partnership that has yielded great results.

Barris is co-writing the Cheaper by the Dozen reboot with Jennifer Rice-Genzuk. The two have been a writing and producing team on other notable shows such as Black-ish, Grown-ish, and The Game, so we can expect a similar brand of creative continuity and approach to the family centered comedy.

If Hall can come to a deal, the next big question is who will be cast as Tom. It would be great to get another scene-stealer in the role, like Will Ferrell or Seth Rogen, to match Hall. There is a full family of casting to go on this project, so we will be sure to keep you up to date with the latest.


Cheaper by the Dozen is being produced by Fox Family for release on Disney Plus. What do you think about the new approach? What about the potential casting of Regina Hall? Who would you like to see Disney cast in the role of Tom Baker in the upcoming reboot? Let us know in the comment section and on our social media!


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