Will Mini-Game Bonanza Fall Guys Ever Come To Switch Or Xbox One?

Last week we saw Mediatonic and Devolver Digital launch Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout to raving success, is it coming to the Switch or Xbox One?
Fall Guys

If you like battle royales, but feel like a party game, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout certainly seems to scratch that itch. It isn’t about shooting your competitors into submission until you’re the last one standing. Your goal is to make it to the end of the mini-games and come out on top.

Currently, you can only get yourself a copy on Steam or PS4, but the real question is still out there – will it come to Xbox One and the Switch?

Could we see Fall Guys on the Switch or Xbox One?

Mediatonic and Devolver Digital haven’t ruled out the mini-game battle royale releasing to other consoles. It doesn’t appear to be a perma-console-exclusive, so the possibility of it coming to a new console is always going to be there.

On Fall Guys’ support page, they do admit that while PS4 and Steam is what they’re focusing on right now, they do want to bring it to other consoles “further down the line.” Whether this means they’ll bring it to Switch, Xbox One, or even mobile is a mystery, but at least they’re open to the idea.

Fall Guys

With the type of game Fall Guys is (an online party game), it’d probably make a killing on the Switch even if it didn’t have as wide of an audience as it does already.

I’ll advise against hold your breath for the game to come out, though, as Mediatonic hasn’t given a timeline, so it honestly could be anywhere from a year to a decade or more for all we know.

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