AJ Styles Was Almost An All Elite Part Of AEW

WWE AJ Styles

AJ Styles almost signed with AEW when his new WWE contract was being negotiated. A few weeks ago Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks was on a Patreon exclusive Talk’ N Shop podcast episode with Gallows and Anderson. Jackson talked about AEW wanting to sign the pair, but he also mentioned a third big name […]

Playstation 5 Price, Release Date Reveal, and God of War Surprise Trailer

The Playstation 5 Showcase came and brought us some amazing content that will be talked about until release. When will that be? Fortunately the showcase answered all these questions, as well as how much you will need to throw down. This time around Playstation will come in two different formats: The Digital Edition, $399.99, is geared […]

Lightning Collection Dragon Dagger Comercial Revealed

Well ranger fans, picture this. A monster is giving the mighty Morphin Megazord a run for its money. The only option is to summon the green ranger and his powerful Dragonzord. For that to happen, you need to pull out that Dragon Dagger, and thanks to Hasbro and their Lightning Collection you can have one […]