Super Mario Creator Shigeru Miyamoto Gives Fans Exclusive Peek At Super Nintendo World

Fans and theme park goers got their first look inside Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World thanks to Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto.
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For the very first time, fans and theme park goers around the world got their first look inside Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World thanks to Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

After many months of previews, promotional videos, and advertisements we got our very first look in what is inside Super Nintendo World with a very special live video tour. The special person who took fans for an inside look of Super Nintendo World is no other than the creator of Super Mario himself, Shigeru Miyamoto.


The special tour was hosted by the Nintendo Company’s “Nintendo Direct”. The whole video tour lasted for fifteen minutes as Miyamoto gave us a first look of what fans could expect and see in Super Nintendo World.

Super Mario Goes To Super Nintendo

Miyamoto showed us some of the attractions, games, rides, and first look on how Super Nintendo World Power Up band works. The whole tour was filled with fun, nostalgia, incredible music, and made viewers want to play.

Inside The Grand Tour

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Princess Peach’s Castle Lobby

In the beginning of the tour we see the front entrance of Super Nintendo World, with three green pipes like in the Super Mario Games. Super Mario founder Shigeru Miyamoto comes out of the pipes and greets the viewers with a loving, kind, and excited voice before taking us on our first tour of Super Nintendo World.

The Super Mario games never show what is inside the warp pipes when Mario and his friends enter them, but Miyamoto first shows us what they would have look like in real life as an entrance line que to to the park. As we exit the entrance warp pipe, we are now inside of the lobby of Princess Peach’s castle.

The lobby of Princess Peach castle is modeled after the Super Mario 64 game, recreating some of the game’s level world paintings such as Bom-omb battlefield with a cameo from Bowser Jr. Miyamoto then takes viewers outside the entrance lobby and we can see that the park’s setting and theme is based on the Mushroom Kingdom from Super Mario.

We then see the inside exterior of the park as we saw in the previews and ads. Notable attractions we see are Bowser’s Castle, and Mt. Beanpole. We are also shown some  characters in the Super Mario franchise such as Yoshi (and his babies), Goombas, Koopas, Piranha Plants, Thwomps, and the iconic Power Stars.


Miyamoto then directs fans to a interactive big golden question mark box from the Super Mario games, which is one of the activities guests can use with their purchased power up band. Miyamoto shows us that by punching or tapping the golden question mark boxes or any interactive props with the power up band will grant guest points by downloading the Super Nintendo Park app.

We then see a giant piranha plant with a gold key on top, and Miyamoto explains that it’s part of interactive activity but does not show the viewers so he could not spoil the surprise. Miyamoto then takes us to another interactive activity that features the iconic POW Boxes that stuns enemies during the Super Mario games, now used to to catch a gold key seen earlier with the giant piranha.

This activity is similar to a carnival game, but instead featuring Super Mario. Miyamoto explains that there are multiple interactive activities that have a gold key. Miyamoto then explains if you get three keys from these interactive activities guests will have a chance in a final activity, battling Bowser Jr and presumably win a big prize.

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Miyamoto then takes us inside the underground level of the park. What is very nice about this attraction is that the whole area resembles and is modeled from the actual underground world in Super Mario. Miyamoto also explains the underground area is also a interactive maze with multiple Golden Question boxes, blue, green, pink, yellow tiles, bob-ombs and of course the Pow Boxes. They even added the iconic creepy Underground World music from the games and atmosphere, so that’s a plus.

Also Miyamoto explains the area is based on an underground cave in the park where guest can explore. Miyamoto then shows the viewers of a special symbol, and explains that guests will have to use a purchased Power Up Band to activate it. The symbol Miyamoto shows us is Mario’s M symbol and when he taps it, a neon colored picture of Bowser appears. Miyamoto explains there are symbols scattered across the park and guest can use their Power Up Bands to unveil their secrets.

Miyamoto takes us deeper in the Underground Maze and we see that the blocks and props become bigger as we go deeper, stating we got shorter just like Mario. We then see a giant bom-omb with Miyamoto explaining its part of the interactive activities, but did not go in details as he wanted guests to be surprised. We then exit the underground Maze and Miyamoto comically states we have grown back to normal size.


The next area Miyamoto takes us is to one of the park’s gift shops called The 1UP Factory. Miyamoto explains that the gift shop will house multiple Super Nintendo World souvenir’s such as t-Shirts, plush toys, costumes, hats, mugs, and other knick knacks only exclusive to Super Nintendo World. Miyamoto then shows us a special toy that the Nintendo Team created for the park. That special toy is called TokoToko Mario. It’s a toy that is attached to a Koopa similar to a key chain.

The mechanic is when you push the Koopa the Mario toy walks and moves. Miyamoto explains no batteries are required. Looks like the 1UP Factory store will be a hit store for fans especially for those who want their own TokoToko Mario (LIKE ME!). Miyamoto then takes us to the next area.


While walking to the next area Miyamoto shows us another park exclusive item, a Power Up Star Popcorn holder. Miyamoto then explains that the park’s popcorn will have multiple flavors. Those flavors include Caramel Peach and Mushroom flavor. Miyamoto then hints its not the only food option on the park. The next area Miyamoto takes us is one of the park’s restaurants called Kinopio’s Café.

We are then surprised with two special characters from the park. Those two special characters are the iconic video game brothers Mario and Luigi. Miyamoto explains that those two characters would be available for park photo shoots, and presumably more Super Mario characters. Miyamoto then takes us inside the restaurant. The interior of the restaurant looks like the mushroom houses of Princess Peach’s toads in the Super Mario games.

Miyamoto then shows us another interactive feature of gift boxes. By placing a guest purchased power up band guest can get a virtual gift like coins on their app. We are then showed that people cooking the guest’s food is Chef Toad and boy he loos adorable. Miyamoto then shows viewers the dining area. The dining area includes Mushroom themed stables, chairs, sofas and a giant power up mushroom in the middle. Also the ceiling is decorated with the many power ups from the Super Mario series.

Miyamoto then shows us some of the food that will be available on the menu, including the Mario Burger and The Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl. The menu also shows us a mushroom themed dessert and a salad for a vegan option. Miyamoto did not show the rest of the food in the menu but we can assume it will be tasty and delicious. Miyamoto then explains to the crowd while he hasn’t shown us the rest of the park, fans and park goers should be excited once they attend Super Nintendo World.

Miyamoto then tells the viewers that more Super Nintendo World theme parks will be available in other Universal Studios parks. Those Universal Studios parks are Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore.  Miyamoto takes us to the next and final area of the tour.


The final area Miyamoto takes us on the park is Bowser’s Castle, which contains the park’s main attraction, the Mario Kart Ride. The amount of detail is superb, with a dark lobby of Bowser’s castle that includes flickering lights and a huge intimidating Bowser Statue. Miyamoto then shows us props inspired by the Mario Kart video games such as the cup trophies: Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup, Special Cup, Shell Cup, Banana Cup, Leaf Cup, and the Lightning Cup.

We are then introduced to a special cup exclusive to Super Nintendo World which is the Universal Studios Japan cup. Other props shows us a message from Bowser to team Mario written in Kanji. The message actually contains the plot synopsis of the ride, in which Bowser has created his own race course in order to defeat and his friends once and for all in Mario Kart. It’s up to the guests to help Team Mario in defeating Team Bowser once and for all and win the Universal Studios Japan Cup.

With the statements from Miyamoto, fans and park goers should be excited especially the VR aspect of the ride. Miyamoto then thanks the viewers and concludes the video tour.

Final Thoughts

Overall, seeing Super Nintendo World for the first time was awe-inspiring and nostalgic. Seeing Miyamoto taking us throughout some of the areas in the park reminded me the days when I was playing my Super Mario Games (especially Mario 64 and Super Mario Maker). From the interactive activity teases to the underground world area, this new theme park looks very promising. But the main highlight of this whole video tour was Miyamoto himself.

You can see the pure joy and happiness on his face when he took viewers around certain areas around the park. It’s inspiring to see that a creative genius and a visionary genius got his world to finally become true. In the end we must all thank Mr. Miyamoto in giving the world our favorite Video Game plumber and introducing us to a world filled with fun that now has lasted 35 years and counting. Let’s hope Super Nintendo World will be indeed a World of Play.


Source: Nintendo via Nintendo Life


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