Drew McIntyre Reveals Who He Wants To Win Royal Rumble

The WWE Champion Drew McIntyre revealed who he wants to win the Royal Rumble match this Sunday.
WWE Drew McIntyre

The WWE Champion Drew McIntyre revealed who he wants to win the Royal Rumble match this Sunday.

This Sunday is one of WWE’s big four PPVs, and my personal favorite PPV of the year, the Royal Rumble. The PPV is a basic PPV with title matches and unique match-ups. However, the true highlight of the PPV is the Royal Rumble match. This is a unique over-the-top elimination match where anything can happen. Anything from surprise returns like Edge or Titus O’Neil tripping and sliding halfway under the ring. That truly was the Greatest Royal Rumble.

WWE Sheamus
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Drew McIntyre On The Royal Rumble

Drew McIntyre

When this match approaches the internet goes crazy with who they think may make a surprise appearance and who they want to win. Drew McIntyre is no different and when he recently spoke with SK Wrestling, he told them who he wants to win the Royal Rumble match.

“Maybe Sheamus or Jinder can pull off the win and get that match. But just watching like both shows right now and seeing where everyone’s at, I’m excited to see like Big E finally get on a good roll. And we’re showing like his real personality which is amazing and it’s so funny and so entertaining.

But he’s also got that serious side where he flips switches and he can get serious if he’s pushed. He’s been doing such a great job recently of kind of showing like that whole package and when like he’s on his game. In the ring, he’s incredible, he’s one of the strongest in WWE and that character is unbelievable and it is an extension of his real personality. So he’s firing all cylinders right now. So, if Big E was to win the Rumble, he’s somebody I’d be very happy to face at WrestleMania,” McIntyre said H/T to SK Wrestling for transcription.

What is going unsaid in this quote is who Drew McIntyre would like to face at WrestleMania. The winner of the Royal Rumble match gets a shot at any top title including the NXT title. Therefore, the winner of the match could be coming after Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship if he can beat Goldberg this Sunday (which he will).


I agree with all three of these choices as far as possibly winning the Royal Rumble match. However, I don’t think Sheamus or Jinder Mahal would make for good matches and be right to put in that spot.  

WWE Jinder Mahal
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Boring and More Boring, But Wait Here Comes Big E

Sheamus tries really hard and I have a lot of respect for the effort he puts in. However, he just isn’t interesting. The only thing interesting about him is his hair. He’s been pretty bland for the most part in recent years. He needs to stay in the tag division.


Mahal is also pretty bland. He had the WWE Championship a few years ago and it wasn’t a very interesting time for that title. He looks the part and actually both him and Sheamus look the part, but I don’t see them having a very good match with Drew McIntyre. They just don’t have the charisma or star power to make that match something I’d want to watch.

However, Big E is someone who is full of charisma and looks the part. I’ve been saying for years Big E is being held back by New Day. He was the only member who I could realistically see as a top-tier champion. I would love to see him get the chance to go for the top title.

Out of these three who would you want to see win the Royal Rumble match and possibly face Drew McIntyre? Who do you want to win the Royal Rumble and which champion would you want to see them face? Finish this with a Big Ending and drop those comments below.


Source: SK Wrestling


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