Transformers: Beast Alliance: Live-Action Blockbuster Gets Working Title and Explosive New Story Details Revealed: Exclusive

It looks like fans may be getting an live-action adaptation of Beast Wars, as the next film in the series is currently being referred to as Transformers: Beast Alliance.
Transformers: Beast Alliance

One of Hollywood’s most successful franchise prepares to film later this year, and we have new story details and the film’s working title: Transformers: Beast Alliance.

There is nothing like a huge blockbuster movie. Over the past 14 years the Transformers franchise has set the benchmark for bombastic explosions, groundbreaking special effects, and breaking box-office records. Most recently, the franchise took a mildly unexpected turn with 2018’s soft reboot of Bumblebee. The film was one of the most well-received installments of the entire franchise, however it only grossed $467 million dollars worldwide. Far from the billion dollar successes of its predecessors.

Paramount Pictures is ready to restart the engine on the Transformers franchise with a brand new installment that has even larger ambitions and scope than the 2018 film. Creed 2 director, Steven Caple Jr., has moved on from his success with the legendary boxing property and is firmly in the driver’s seat of the Transformers franchise, as the director of the next installment.

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Enter Transformers: Beast Alliance

Transformers: Beast Wars Transformers: Beast Alliance

As reported last November by Deadline, Caple has secured the job to helm the next installment in the live-action Transformers franchise. The new film is looking to begin shooting in late Spring or early Summer and already has a working title that is sure to detonate the imagination of Transformers fans worldwide.

The new film is currently going by the title: Transformers: Beast Alliance.

Our sources within the studio have also provided us with context for the new science-fiction adventure. Transformers: Beast Alliance takes place in the Bumblebee timeline and will be set in the 1990’s. The film will have the flavor of a heist film that will span from Brooklyn to South America.

Bumblebee Hailee Steinfeld Transformers Beast Alliance

Caple and the production are currently looking to cast either an African-American or a Latino actor in his early to mid-twenties for lead role, along with a female co-lead as old or even slightly older, who can pass for a native New Yorker. Unfortunately we were unable to get a double-confirmation of what Transformer robot characters are slated to appear in the upcoming film.


Fans of the franchise may remember the animated Beast Wars show from the 90’s. While we haven’t gotten a solid lock on the Autobots or Decepticons that we may see in the live-action film, the Beast Alliance title certainly seems to signify that the franchise may become much more feral in the new installment.

Transformers: Beast Wars Transformers: Beast Alliance

In addition to Caple directing, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s joby Harold has taken over scripting duties from Ken Nolan (Transformers: The Last Knight). Bumblebee benefited by having a new director with fresh eyes on the property with Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings), so in turn Beast Alliance should benefit greatly from the steady directing hand of Caple.

There is reason for a renewed sense of excitement for the franchise, as Transformers: Beast Alliance promises to expand the franchise in bold new ways. It seems like there is nothing but open, creative road for Caple and his crew to explore and we can’t wait to find out exactly how he will transform the property next. There is much more to come from this project, so make sure to keep checking back with The Illuminerdi for the very latest in Transformers: Beast Alliance coverage.

Transformers Beast Alliance

What do you think of the new title, Transformers: Beast Alliance? Do you have any ideas what could be at the center of the heist film? Should they include Optimus Prime once again, or should they follow Bumblebee’s lead and limit the iconic lead’s presence? Do you have any theories about what could be happening in the upcoming film? Let us know in the comment section below or over on our social media!



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