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Fans of the Tune Squad should brace themselves, as some of their favorite Looney Tunes characters are back in Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Warner Bros. Studios has just released new official promotional images of their new film, starring NBA superstar LeBron James. Longtime fans have been clamoring for a sequel of the classic Space Jam that starred former NBA superstar and Hall Of Famer Michael Jordan. Now, after more that 20 years they will finally get their wish.


However, according to James, A New Legacy will not be a sequel but rather considered a stand-alone film and somewhat of a soft reboot. The upcoming film’s story will be focused around the relationship between James and his son, played by Ceyair J. Wright. The plot will also involve in James teaming up with the Looney Tunes from stopping the film’s main villain, an evil A.I named Al-G played by Don Cheadle, from wrecking havoc.

Entertainment Weekly Presents A New Legacy For Space Jam

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Fans can expect the hilarious charm and moments that was shown in the original Space Jam film. Now lets look at these incredible promotional images that was released from Warner Bros with some notable quotes from the cast and crew of Space Jam: A New Legacy.

In the promotional images that Warner Bros released we some Tune Squad members with James, Wright, and Cheadle himself. Also released is a special issue of the film in Entertainment Weekly’s Cover Page. The cover of the magazine shows James and fellow Looney Tunes characters Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety, Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Bugs Bunny wearing the new teal Tune Squad Jersey Uniforms. We are then shown an image of James attempting a thunderous dunk with a glowing basketball.


We then see another image with James having a in-game huddle with Tweety and looking annoyed or less then pleased. Then we are shown an image of Bugs Bunny looking scared or frightened. Then we see another photo of James and Lola Bunny high fiving probably from a successful scoring bucket. We also are shown an image of James’ family with Savanna James portrayed by Sonequa Martin-Green and one his kids portrayed Harper Leigh Alexander besides Wright.

Then finally we are shown images of Don Cheadle’s villainous character Al-G. We are then shown other images of producers Ryan Coogler and Maverick Carter working with cast. Also an image of the film’s director Malcom D. Lee with James.


Producer Ryan Coogler had a great and memorable experience while working on A New Legacy. According to a statement from Coogler he explains why the Looney Tunes are iconic characters. Coogler explains that “We were reminded very quickly the Looney Tunes work”. Coogler also added:

“When we watch the parts of the film [featuring] the Tunes, you have a smile come over your face because, if you’re from our generation, you miss them.”

Coogler also explains that the original Space Jam was forever a beloved classic growing up. Coogler explains that he loved the first Space Jam so much he performed the original film’s memorable track “Hit ‘Em High at a talent show during middle school. Coogler explained that “it felt like a real cultural moment,” he says of the first film’s release in 1996. It’s safe to say working on A New Legacy might have been a dream come true for Coogler.


When Director Malcom D. Lee was announced to be the director of A New Legacy fans were excited. Lee is known for directing classic comedy films such as The Best Man, Undercover Brother, Roll Bounce, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, Soul Men, Scary Movie 5, The Best Man Holiday, Girls Trip, and Night School. Lee himself knew the importance of original Space Jam film and its characters.

Lee explained that “It was very important to me to be traditional about the Looney Tunes’ portrayals”.  When Lee first watched the original Space Jam film for the first time in 2019 he was surprised and off guard by the first film’s “very sexualized” depiction of the iconic Looney Tunes character Lola Bunny. Lee added that “this is 2021, It’s important to reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters”. It’s safe to say that we can see Lola Bunny in a new exciting and inspiring role in this upcoming film thanks to Lee.


We all know Don Cheadle for his iconic films and roles. From Cheadle’s highly successful and award winning film in Hotel Rwanda, to his iconic role as War Machine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s just say Cheadle’s work in the industry is both very successful and iconic. Now he will be playing another huge role in A New Legacy. Cheadle will be playing the film’s main villain a computer A.I that challenges Lebron and the Tune Squad in the ultimate Basketball Game.

Cheadle gave insight and info on who is Al G. Cheadle explained that Al G is a rogue AI that pulls Lebron and his son inside a virtual world called the Warner 3000 Server Verse. Cheadle explains that he does not consider AL G a bad guy, but  “an A.I. with a chip on his shoulder”.

He also explains that “Half of the fun is going into the mind of an A.I. What do they think about themselves? What do they want everyone else to see?”. Cheadle also potentially reveals the potential villains that will go against the Tune Squad, and is called the Goon Squad.


When it was announced that NBA Superstar and future Hall Of Famer Lebron James would be the star in the new Space Jam film, fans were super excited. What’s surprising is that Warner Bros actually reached out to James and offered the role 15 years ago, but James ultimately passed and continued to focus on his game and his highly successful professional NBA career. 15 years later, James’ love, adoration, and respect for Michael Jordan was a key factor in his decision to take on the role.

James explained that “It’s something Mike created and is his, I held that with a lot of responsibility.” James was also a huge fan of the original Space Jam film and that it was a surreal experience and starring in this long awaited film. James even explained “I had that wow moment, like, ‘Mama, I’m doing this. [I’m] really shooting Space Jam”.  Let’s say being in Space Jam like Coogler was a dream come true for James.

Maverick Carter, who is James’ longtime friend and also a producer of the film explained that “It was always about respecting [Space Jam], but also, how do we make a film that’s interesting, matters to the culture, and is about something,” Like mentioned James explained that family is the central theme of the upcoming film. As the film will focus on the relationship between James and his son.


Actress Sonequa Martin-Green who will portray James’ wife Savannah explained that “I would step back and marvel that I was part of something like this”. We are guessing she might also have a prominent role in the film, but that is just speculation. Finally James explained on how he actually needed an acting Coach to prepare for the film, and fortunately enough Cheadle was kind and willing enough to help him.

James explained that “Just like in the NBA, I like to be coached by my coaches,” James explains. “I was the same way on set.” It’s great to know that James had the same in game mindset while filming A New Legacy. So fans should be excited for the upcoming film.

After more than 20 years the long awaited wait is over. We are finally going to have a new Space Jam film. While technically not a sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy will be the second film in the now Space Jam movie series. We can also expect the same magic and love the original Space Jam will have in this film. It will be also Warner Bros fourth live action animated hybrid film. The film will star Lebron James in the titular role.

Don Cheadle will also star as film main antagonist Al G. A New Legacy will also bring veteran Looney Tunes voice actors Eric Bauza, Jeff Berman, Kath Soucie, Bob Bergen, and Gabriel Iglesias. The film is also reported to star NBA Stars Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson, Chris Paul, Draymond Green, Kyle Kuzma, and Anthony Anthony Davis. The film is also reported to include WNBA Stars Diana Turasi, Chiney Ogwumike and Nneka Ogwumike. The film will be produced by Ryan Coogler, Maverick Carter, Duncan Henderson, and Lebron James himself.

The film will be directed by Malcolm D. Lee. Space Jam: A New Legacy will premiere on July 16th 2021 simultaneously on Theaters and on HBO Max.


Source: Entertainment Weekly


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