Aliyah Royale Teases A Huck Showdown in The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2

The Walking Dead: World Beyond star Aliyah Royale teases Iris vs. the CRM in Season 2 of the AMC show.
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While there is not yet a set date for The Walking Dead: World Beyond‘s second season, actress Aliyah Royale is already pumped for fans to see the changes to Iris Bennett when the show returns.

A smart and bright student, Iris started off innocent and trusting despite growing up in the post-apocalyptic world of Walking Dead. It wasn’t until she stepped out amidst the Empties and learned the secrets of the CRM that she had to grow up quick – especially now that her sister Hope could be in danger.


The Illuminerdi had the chance to speak with Aliyah Royale in preparation for the second season, as well as in celebration of the June 15 home release on Blu-ray and DVD. Proving herself to be an intuitive thinker as well as a talented actress, Royale shared how Iris has matured since the first episode and what fans can expect in Season 2.


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In our interview with the star, she not only took a walk down memory lane with Iris, but also shared how she expects her character’s motivations to shift in the second season.

Family means everything to Iris, so if the CRM is standing between them then viewers can be sure Iris will be out for blood. In particular, Huck’s betrayal stung her to the core and there may be consequences next season.

Iris starts off the first season really sheltered and optimistic to the point of naivete. How would you say that’s changed by the end of the season?

Aliyah Royale: Yeah, she starts off like that, just because she is what I would like to call a helper. She just wants to lend a helping hand wherever she can, and that’s the identity that she had for herself for for so long, since the night the sky fell.

And then by the end of the season, she’s been through it. She’s gone through relationships and death and loss. She’s growing and becoming a fully rounded person. I think for her, the biggest thing is getting her sister back at all costs – and even taking down the CRM, because right now she’s not a fan. Season Two is all about that.

You mentioned Iris was no longer a fan of the CRM, and I was personally victimized by Huck’s betrayal. But I love that she caught onto it just in time, which seemed like a culmination of her growth over the season.

Aliyah Royale: It was so stressful, because I feel like if I didn’t say anything, Hope was just gonna go live this life that was really not healthy. She would just live in this world where they were just gonna manipulate her and use her for her mind. I’m also glad Iris caught on.

It’s also hard, because I feel like my relationship was closest to Felix and Hope’s was closest to Huck. We both have our individual older sister and older brother figure in our lives. So, that was obviously hard to do because of Hope’s relationship with Huck. But now Huck ain’t cool with me at all, and I’ll see her in season 2 hopefully. We’re gonna have some words.

Are you looking forward to a more hardened Iris Bennett with a vendetta against the CRM, like Aliyah Royale is? Let us know on social media or in the comments below, and check back with The Illuminerdi for the latest TV news and interviews.

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