Sophia Di Martino Talks Sylvie’s Heartbreak After Loki’s First Season

Loki actor Sophia Di Martino dives into the origin, motivations, and decisions of Sylvie in season 1.
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In a new interview with, Loki actor Sophia Di Martino dives into the origin, motivations, and decisions of Sylvie, including the emotions of THAT ending.

Sophia Di Martino explains that since the origin we saw in episode four, Sylvie’s spent:

“her whole life to get to whoever is behind the TVA, who robbed her life from her, and who took that little girl. The anger that she had as a little girl has just been growing and growing and growing her whole life, to this point, where the guy who caused it, in her eyes, is standing right in front of her. She thinks that killing him is going to make her feel better. That feeling in that moment is stronger than any feelings she has for Loki.”

Sophia Di Martino Breaks Down Sylvie’s Heart

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It’s hard to say no one saw the betrayal coming, given how determined Sylvie has been the whole season (and her whole life, really). Discussing Loki’s line about their trust issues in episode six, Sophia Di Martino says: “It’s quite a problem. It works both ways as well. Maybe Loki can’t trust and Sylvie can’t be trusted. If you can’t trust someone, then can they trust you? Nothing works, does it, if you don’t trust each other? It’s just broken.”


The trust issues keeping Loki and Sylvie apart make their bizarre “variancest” relationship almost poignant, in a star-crossed lovers kind of way. Despite their impasse, Sophia Di Martino remarks that there’s still a deep bond between the characters:

“[Loki] says something really nice to her before they kiss. Loki basically says, ‘I’ve always hurt everyone I’ve always been close to. I’m a horrible person, but you’ve changed me because I care about you, and I want you to be OK.’ And for someone to say, ‘I want you to be OK,’ it’s such a nice thing to hear, especially for someone who’s damaged as Sylvie. It sort of breaks her heart a little bit because she just wants herself to be OK as well. For someone else to acknowledge that, and to see her in that way and to just see her, is so powerful.

[But of course,] “she still has to kill [He Who Remains]. She still has to see her plan through to the end. The kiss, for me, was like a final sort of thank you and goodbye. It’s been fun, dude, but at the end of the day, I’m not you and I’ve got a mission, and I’m going to see this through, on my own, to the end. So see ya.” 

The most tragic twist of all is what happens after Sylvie kills Him. As Sophia Di Martino tells it:

“She’s just completely unfulfilled. It didn’t do what she wanted to do. She doesn’t feel that relief. That final moment is just utter devastation. She thought she was going to get the relief that she’s been waiting for her whole life. She’s built this up so much. She finally kills the guy right at the top, and feels nothing. Still feels sort of angry and bitter and sad, as she always has. But nothing, just emptiness and that’s really sad.”

Where does Sylvie go from here? With her life mission complete yet a deep void left behind and her only friend now betrayed by her, she’s more alone than ever. What are your thoughts for Sylvie in season two? Will she join up with Loki as friend or foe? Will she try to save her younger self from the TVA? And maybe most crucially, how long until she crosses over with the rest of the MCU! Sylvie’s one of the most exciting and complex characters Marvel has ever introduced, and we can’t wait to see more of her.

The complete first season of Loki is now on Disney+, while season 2 has been confirmed but remains undated. Do you agree with Sophia Di Martino’s take on Sylvie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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